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  1. the tool vox_smart pinch should crimp vertices together and smooth the outer area... my tool brush just smooths everything... no pinching occurs
  2. can anyone check , the vox smart pinch isnt working properly... everything default is just smoothing out the mesh
  3. ill quickly put together something and see if i get same results my side
  4. also... im finding alot of the default brushes are making inconsistent strokes... just a straight line will have variation... like its pulling more in some areas
  5. I am sorry to be the one who keeps finding these... but freeze,vox layer and undo still broken seems to be vox layer doesn't like 90 degree angles Desktop 01-10-2022 19-21-23.mp4
  6. would be amazing if we got modelling and sculpting rooms combined... no having to unlink sculpt mesh or anything... just what you create using modelling tools then becomes a surface object... making custom booleans faster or mocking up a base mesh
  7. I have a vega 64 gpu , 64 gb ddr4 ram, 10900k all cores 4.9
  8. Desktop 30-09-2022 16-28-44.mp4 its weird because i dont get fps drops
  9. theres not a roadmap available for us but you can request features in here...
  10. vox_airbrush tool ... very slow.. it sometimes crashes me depending on how much detail i have
  11. found the issue... lol not a bug, purely a part of another mesh not actually connected was in the layer lol fixed.. it works now
  12. Desktop 28-09-2022 18-08-12.mp4 the other poly group i click on was using instant mesh
  13. autopo isn't working?? it either doesn't show anything at all or it will show a very broken re-topology that doesn't even resemble the meshes shape
  14. to be able to use splines on the muscle,spike,worm tool etc... you can do it with curves but it would speed alot of things being able to use worm tool with splines
  15. if you change the falloff on the other modes it changes the paint modes falloff
  16. i know its not important but pose paint mode doesnt have an edit falloff bar... // work around you can go into any of the other modes edit the power and then go back
  17. Desktop 25-09-2022 16-03-57.mp4 @Carlosan just done a fresh install too
  18. freeze tool + vox layer vox layer wont work and when you try to ctrl+z you end up with freeze tool creating weird patterns again
  19. i suppose you already have concept art etc? believe it or not... a lot would do character for free just out of love for the art
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