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  1. this is helping hugely !! im currently taking on learning stylized art an need all the help i can get
  2. i honestly didnt realise how much you could personalise this software.. i need to book a week off work lol
  3. well ive managed to get it working.... for some unknown reason the low poly mesh was disappearing but if i clicked brush it came back? would be nice if we could rename the sub menus, backspace would default them but be able to write them out to a more clearer description
  4. guys... ive done two models, a high poly aand a low poly in blender, i want to paint it in 3d coat how ever for the life of me i cant manage to bake properly the uv maps work in paint but not retopo, the mesh keeps disappearing the ui is sooo over complicated to the point where its more work to use this software than it is to use blender or zbrush and zbrush is a mess! if your mesh is too thin the voxels destroy the mesh like 90 percent of the ui in this software could be removed and nobody would miss it... it needs revamping seriously! nothing is straight forward, i want to import a low poly thats already unwrapped and then bake high poly maps onto it... but it just wont... would i like to bake-bake textures-bake normal with flat displacemnt-bake normals with rgb,bake normals with unnormal normals... its ridiculous i just need a baking menu that is simple, my mesh is already on 3d coat , i click bake an a menu comes up, with each material, curvature,AO ,normals etc... i can choose what i want baked , i just locate the high poly , give a texture size and bake... its literally all it needs theres no proper tutorials.. the menus are confusing .... i should have just stayed using it as a sculpting tool and thats it.
  5. yeah you're right, and i try to spread the word as much as possible the devs are good people, I just wanna help out
  6. i managed to fix it, its top right camera navigation options scroll to LMB rotation
  7. wondering , would it be better for 3d coat if it was free and they had a donations page... i already support blender every month even though its free.. i would 100% support 3d coat if it was put out there for free too, plus if all the new updates being able to add addons is much easier , blender alone has over 100,000 dollars a month support if 3 coat had that month imagine the updates, i only say that because i love the software and the devs are such friendly people.
  8. believe he means like blenders smooth correction etc.. its all real time
  9. its in edit/preferences and yea slider would be nice... would also be quite slow... so thats why i think they do it this way so it has time to calculate otherwise the strain would crash it.
  10. ok... well i spent some time playing with painting in 3d coat... dont think i want to use any other 3d texturing software for stylized ever again... its actually simple and amazing to use, being able to use any drawing app too and not just locked to photoshop is so beneficial
  11. nah dont get me wrong.. i love 3dcoat... it allows me to be creative without worrying but 3d coat shouldnt have any paint features.. allow it seperate to textura , so textura can be fully dedicated to painting and texturing sometimes 3d coats painting can be super confusing and because its not as popular as other texturing software theres not much content out there paid and youtube i think a future feature for both textura and 3d coat a full ui revise would be amazing to be more simplified and increase the workflow speed
  12. well i tried to paint using 3d coat... it wont even import the models???
  13. this is what i mean... way too much going on, i wanna import for painting... but theres a ton of stuff... this for new users is so off putting in SP you import and done, you get a few options that help you with the importing like unwrapping etc but apart from that its straight forward
  14. i love 3dcoat... but it was first built because they hated how confusing zbrush was or so i heard... but painting in 3d coat is the worst... i use mainly substance painter for my texturing because its interface is dedicated to just that, working with 3d coat i cant work out if im painting roughness or just base colour etc... im not even sure if you can mask... personally i think if textura was a seperate software to 3d coat would be amazing... you could have just what you need in each software....
  15. could we get some sort of cloth inflation option added to the cloth tool, along with that options maybe an option to mask areas of cloth that wont take as much affect.. or even a layer collision option
  16. may be an issue with merging on 2022.25, keeps crashing... sent a bug report
  17. symmetry isn't taking depth numbers into factor when sculpting for example im using flatten 4% on one side and the other side is 100% using 2022.25