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  1. Hi all, i got a 3070 and would like using more my graphic card than CPU...have you got a script please..??? thanks
  2. Hi all, Headset VR sclupting possibility will be great ...
  3. ok...it's not a real problem...but for the 3DCOAT commercial image, i think that all should be accurate
  4. hello andrew, For me lags started since the 2021.12...i tryed all others release without succes...same issue...i just seen that the release since 2021.12 use more the CPU than 2021.11 and less GPU...i posted two picts of 2021.11 and 2021.27.. ..just opened with the same options..and you can see the differences..i installed the last nvidia drivers..
  5. it's seem that the cpu is more used in all release since 2021.11and the gpu less... i think that's my lags problems ...
  6. Hello carlosan..;i seen your pict with a grid in XYZ axis...where can i set it please..???
  7. Same issue for me with 2021.22... @spayer...i checked it...same problem... Does anyone can share me the install of 2021.11..??Thanks
  8. Problems is with mouse and tablet....i will try to re-install nvidia drivers....the last fluid version for me is 2021.11...i tried all updates and it's the same issue
  9. Hello Carlosan, I tried the 2021.17...same issue...not fixed best regards ps: i don't back up the 2021.11..please can you re-link it or in my accompt...thanks
  10. Can we hope to have a user manual in PDF updated for the 2021 version..??
  11. same issue since 2021.12..with mouse..no problems with 2021.11 with mouse and XP-PEN .. I7 and rtx 3070 win 10
  12. Hi all, I tried the 2021 updates...i use 2021.11 yet....without lags when i sculpt voxels...but i installed the 2021.15..and i got lags in sculptur room now.. I got a I7 with a rtx 3070...
  13. Hello carlosan...i tryed..but i can't load ..i send you the pantone .aco.... best regards pantone.aco
  14. Hi all, I can't load exterior or photoshop exported colors palette like PANTONE.aco in 3dcoat....and you..?
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