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  1. ggaliens

    Vox scultping with color ...

    Vox scultping with color ... I have written some spherical heightmap code for another app that allowed me to create a model with color map and also heights bumped. I can convert all this color and height into just a .PLY mesh for export. Is it possible to import PLY mesh ... with color information ? If not ... is there a format than can be used to bring into 3dcoat a colored mesh ? Please advise. Thanks.
  2. ggaliens

    Reaction Diffusion style surface displacement.

    I have hacked out a workflow using a few other apps an ManifoldLab. And the results are great. But ... nothing would beat a native 3DCoat reaction diffusion displacement scheme. The simplest thing would be for 3DCoat to read in a .vtu file with cell and chemical data in it.
  3. Reaction Diffusion style surface displacement. Does 3DCoat have any procedural displacment tricks yet ?
  4. ggaliens

    Best way to increase working speed?

    I down RESed one of my 72 Million predicted poly voxel things to 20 million and got more than a linear boost from such a difference. Once you cross the threshold for your PC hardward ... things can bog pretty bad. I was really happy with the down-REZED result and realized that I had over-done it with the 72. It actually started as 30 Million and I extruded to thicken a skelton w/o realizng just what I had done to poly count.
  5. ggaliens

    Running out of pixels or Voxels

    I have reached up to 76 Million implied polys in VOXEL room. 3DCoat becomes very sluggish. But I will do it again if I need to. In my head I've had 30 Million as a better upper limit for my machine and my workflow which consists only of PROCEDURAL tweeks to high-poly models imported (OBJ) into 3DCoat from a special version of Wings3D which can serialize out many more polygons than normal wings3D. I use 3DCoat to do large turn table renders mostly. Pretty slow. But I like some of the thinks I can do with the VOXEL setup. And I still hold out a lot of hope that 3DCoat Voxel processing my at somepoint take a leap due to hardware advances or software (CUDA ... programming for more cores) advances. I have an HP Pavillion with 16GB Ram purchased about 2010. I added 8GB Ram to it to get to 16GB. I love 3DCoat ... I just wish it was more VOXEL and shader centered. That feels like an area of super strength to me for 3dCOAT. Every now and again do a "search" for competiton to 3DCoat in VOXELS.. Have not found anything yet. Sculptris is a bt cools. But 3DCoat approach seems PURE to me.
  6. Voxel Extrude an object in VoxTree ... what are the UNITS ? If I do "extrude 2" What does 2 mean ? Is it voxel units ? The meaning is very unclear to end-user ... or at least unclear to me.
  7. ggaliens

    I can't find "AIM" in PDF or forum search.

    This is what I figure about ORTHO issue ... that I needed to normalize my model size and or placement. I took steps to do so but apparently I failed at that.
  8. ggaliens

    I can't find "AIM" in PDF or forum search.

    I just hit FILL and Clay after camera AIM (which I finally found). And it still wanted to execute camera controls until I clicked back and forth a few times out of frustrations. Seems like another BUG. Also ... clicking ORTHO makes my model disappear.
  9. ggaliens

    I can't find "AIM" in PDF or forum search.

    Uh ... I just hit PICK in voxel room and it changed the size of my model w.r.t. the grid. This seems like a BUG to me.
  10. I can't find "AIM" in PDF or forum search. I'm a Wings3D User ... so looking for word AIM. I want similar or same functionality for VOXEL room. I'm sure I used to know how to do this.
  11. How about a forum section simply titled .... by one word ... "HELP" ? Why so complicated and arbitrary breakdown in form sections ? Weird ... after all these years. Why does help need to be URGENT ?
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  13. ggaliens

    Bigfoot sculpt WIP

    I love it.
  14. ggaliens

    Where to download 4.0 Beta ?

    Where to download 4.0 Beta ? I cannot find a link. Please help.
  15. ggaliens

    I am asking: WHY?

    I can't help but be reminded of "THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE MYTH". Just a quick look at the WIP in order ... and I didn't see that much nutty stuff.