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  1. Sweet, thanks for the response! I am doing a lot of freelance work these days and can rarely afford bugs and such. This gives me quite a bit of peace of mind. Thanks guys! (By the way the new emoticons are sweet, also the redesign of the website is very nice!)
  2. So there are no conflicts with preferences or other configs guys? Thanks for replying by the way!
  3. So 4.5 introduced a number of potential UV mapping issues that I would rather avoid completely (stacking, flipping, mirrors, etc). I want to do my UV mapping in 4.1 and my painting in 4.5. Would these two versions conflict with each other? Thanks! Eduardo
  4. Do you have an estimation for the final release of 4.5? Thanks a bunch for your hard work, by the way!
  5. Tried it, it is pretty darn awesome. I can't wait for the actual beta, should make a lot of stuff even better in terms of usability.
  6. Any news on the beta? Andrew said on the 17th it would take about a week for the beta to release but I haven't seen anything on twitter from him since. Got a project coming up and would really love to use it, heck I upgraded to professional version for that reason. Cheers! Eduardo
  7. Wait, am I seeing this right? 3DCoat now has some kind of triplanar projection like in Mari? A texture/tileable procedural texture that can be projected in 3D space to the polygon faces facing towards it?] That's pretty kick ass.
  8. It wasn't just your guess though! I also expected it to be $180 since I swear I saw it a couple of years back at that price. The poly modeling tools sound exciting, hopefully they are even better than what's coming for ZBrush in terms of poly modeling.
  9. Got my key! It was $205 which is higher than what I expected ($180) but hey saving ~75 dollars is still a pretty good deal.
  10. Will the new PBR workflow be usable WHILE painting (with normal, diffuse layers,etc)? And will we be able to change the ambient light / hdri map on the fly? Thanks.
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