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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, we are currently working on a 3D scanning project and are looking for a freelance 3D artist, who is available and has experience in 3D sculpting of 3D scanned objects. If you are interested please message me, so we can discuss the project and payment etc. Best, Anne
  2. I sometimes (often) get asked “why don’t you use zbrush” and honestly I don’t care too, 3dc has an amazing set of tools for my specific workflow when working with 3D scans. Anyway, here’s my Oreo colorway Nike flight cleaned up painted Sculpted retopo’d and UV’d in 3DC. CAA16F70-3F3C-490A-94DB-4FFF10461895.tiff 26FCE1CD-B153-4252-A244-97B5E82208C4.tiff
  3. Hi! I have made a 3d scan of a starfish using the real sense camera SR300. I used 3D System Sense software. It outputted an .obj and an .mtl filetype. I used blender to clean up around the model. Then, I exported it from blender to 3dcoat as an .obj filetype. In 3Dcoat, I fixed up the mesh and the texture. I exported it as an .obj file type and put it into unity, but the texture is missing. The texture is visible on the mesh in 3dCoat, but it is not accessible through the Texture editor. I am at a loss. Can anyone help me figure out how to recover my texture, so that I can export the mesh and texture into unity? texture editor doesn't show the texture.. XOif I turn off layer 1texture visible in 3D coat, but not accessible..... ;/ I would be REALLY grateful if someone can help me out! Thanks! Leona S
  4. philnolan3d

    Skecher Scan

    From the album: Phil Nolan's work

    This is an old sneaker I scanned using my camera and some FOSS software called Visual SFM plus Meshlab. The scan came out a little lump so it was cleaned up and some details added in 3DC. Here is a turntable. http://bit.ly/1tieyvT

    © (c) Phil Nolan

  5. Hi! I want to use 3D coat to post process high polygone (>1 mil) 3D scan data with UV maps. I need the sculpturing tools from the voxel room to cut bridges and smooth the scans. This works superb, but I loose the UV data. What is the right workflow to load the 3d model, optimize it and fix the UV map? Thank you! Best, Bernhard www.virtumake.com
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