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Found 8 results

  1. I watched this video on youtube last night on modeling an automobile from scratch in 3DC. And IMHO it is the most useful video I've watched to date on 3DCoat when it comes to hard surfaces. Modeling a spaceship or raygun IMHO is not the same thing as modeling a car. And I'm not knocking other 3DC videos as they are many of fantastic and helpful ones on youtube. But so few of cars. Sadly the author of this video does not do audio, I suspect it is probably due to an English language issue...
  2. AntonTenitsky


    I've wanted to do some stylized retro sci-fi. After hours of listening to synthwave this is what came out!
  3. I am an avid car enthusiast, especially antique, vintage and classic cars & trucks, as well as muscle cars of the 1960s, hot rods, rat rods and kustomized cars. In 1983 I restored a 1960 Corvette which I still own and take for pleasure drives & to car shows/cruise-ins. Just curious if anyone has modeled a car or truck (and not other vehicles like space ships, boats, airplanes). I've used Silo3D, Hexagon3D and Groboto3D to model various cars and hot rods. In similar threads at 3D Coat I've been told 3D Coat is really not suited to car modeling. However I've noticed some people have created some pretty amazing cars in ZBrush. This tutorial seems pretty simple in ZBrush However this ZBrush tutorial on a classic 1960's Ford Mustang GT500 is more along the lines of the cars I would love to model in 3D. When I get some downtime, I'll have to try something along these lines...
  4. Hi, we go for a steampunk seven-wheels racer. Now, come on!
  5. I used these images for making my unique concept car had round edges.
  6. This is my interpretation of a typical American hot rod. Hot rods originated in southern California when returning WWII soldiers wanted to create an American equivalent of the light and nimble sports cars of Europe (MGs, Alfa Romeos, etc). Suped up engines mostly V8s were swapped in place of the original motors. To help improve performance body parts were often removed. Fenders, bumpers, hoods, running boards were often shed to increase the horsepower to weight ratio of the vehicle. In this image I used a late 1920s, early 1930s sedan body as the basis for the car. Powered by a early model Ford flathead V8 which is supercharged with three carburetors. The roof of the sedan has been chopped to reduce it's height. I created the car from scratch using 3D modeling apps. The bulk of the modeling was done in Hexagon 3D and Silo 3D. For UV mapping I used 3DCoat. Textures were created in Photoshop and applied in Vue Complete 2015, where the scene was rendered. And a NPR render I masked out the background from the render and substituted a paper texture in Photoshop... Loving 3DCoat for UV mapping and texturing, although for this model I did not use 3DC for texturing. Only UVing... Hoping I posted this to the proper section here....
  7. https://sketchfab.com/models/e20daaadaf184875bde129bbb59d4048
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