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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, This is part two of how to build quick and easy terrains in 3D Coat. I go over working with higher quality Height Fields (4k) along with using adjustment layers to balance out specific areas or features that are added to the terrain design. Cheers.
  2. Hi 3dcoat community. So I updated to 2021. Really love it. It makes so much fun to play with the brushes. And the workflow with curves is so powerful! Nice additions would be: 1) Boolean non destructive workflow 2) Not all settings in Geometry Menu are saved when starting new session, would be cool if settings would be permanent (e.g. cast shadows) 3) The orbital pick point is displayed in a really unattractive way. It gets even bigger when you zoom in (why? this does not make any sense). I would suggest, to make a really sexy red dot, so you know where the pick point is. This is only cosmetic, but it is really awful to look at. 4) Would be cool, if one could hide the windows bar, which is white and in stark contrast to the rest of the program. It takes too much place and it is really bad for the eyes. Please consider to add this feature 5) Upgrade the noise tool. I like the noise capabilities of zbrush. Would be cool, if the noise tool would get an upgrade. In the current state it lacks to many things. Really a nice program! And the nanite Unreal 5 workflow, really unbelievable!!!
  3. Hey everyone. What I would like to talk about is very IMPORTANT. I would like to share with you all 5 features (videos) that are very important and extremely essential in the sculpting process that unfortunately do not exist in 3D-Coat. In all honesty, these 5 features, with all my experience, are urgent features that could be present for artists who use 3D-Coat to sculpt and detail their work. I do not have words to describe how these 5 features would change our work within 3D-Coat. I discovered that these features already exist and work perfectly in Blender. And frankly, I am very sad to know that these key features do not exist in 3D-Coat and would certainly make all the difference in our work. I quit all my work, and for three days consecutives, after a lot of work and a lot of effort (because I do not speak English fluently), I finally managed to do the 5 videos after many failures trying. Note: I tried to leave the videos with short durations and very objective. I've done these videos demonstrating and explaining in the best possible way so that you can realize the importance of having these features urgently. These videos are sorted and numbered by what I consider to be priorities for the top 5 features that do not exist in 3D-Coat. Even after a lot of effort and work to make the videos, I know it will be worth it. I believe and I hope that @Andrew Shpagin will watch all 5 videos and realize how important it is to have these 5 important and essential features for 3D-Coat's Brushes and Alphas system for us artists. In fact, the order of priorities would be: 1.Plane Offset - 2.Sample Bias - 3.Curve FallOff - 4.Size - 5.Adjust ---> 1. Plane Offset ---> 2. Sample Bias ---> 3. Curve FallOff ---> 4. Size ---> 5. Adjust I've already emailed Andrew with these videos and I'm expecting some response. Please, if you like and agree, help me to help you too, please contact Andrew asking for the implementation of these features. Thank you very much for your attention.
  4. Hello, everyone. Thank you for your time. I'm not yet a 3D coat user but I do have a few questions about its features before I commit and become one and I would like to hear from people who are already using it on whether it provides some of key features I'm looking for. 1. Does it provide automatic splitting of the mesh mapping on the texture along the edges on the mesh which have faces meeting at an angle greater than a given value so that you don't have to manually define texture seams on the mesh? 1.b. Can you constrain the automatic UV mapping with regard to the amount of distortion which is acceptable so that it automatically creates seams to minimise distortion? 1.c. Can you have it automatically create seams between faces which, although not strictly adjacent are near one another, according to the incidence angle of their respective planes so it automatically splits the mesh mapping on the texture along mesh edges which are filleted or chamfered in actual geometry on the mesh? 2. When working with mesh normals, can you have it not try to average normals between faces which have an intersection angle of more than a given angle? 3. Can you have it smooth triangular meshes by creating additional vertices and triangles to soften the transition of the mesh surface between two adjacent faces whose meet angle is less than a given value? 4. Can it convert triangle only meshes to quad dominant meshes reliably and effectively so that a mesh which was originally triangles only becomes quad-dominant and the conversion is good enough to be subdividable without meaningfully altering the shape of the model? 6. Does 3D Coat support .ptex? I would very much like to hear from anyone using 3D coat on any of the points listed above. Please let me know. Thank you for your time and consideration. Laurențiu.
  5. If we could add tweak room capabilities to the retopo room, we could adjust the retopo mesh with the sculpt at the same time. This would allow us to "tweak" our sculpt before baking and also have the ability to use post-bake tweaking in the Tweak room for further adjustments. Right now, if I change a sculpt, I have to change it in the Voxel room and then do the same to the mesh in the Retopo room separately.
  6. So, I got the demo and was playing around with a model I had made in Maya before. Got to say, I LOVE the retopo tool in 3DC, SO wonderful and simple! As well as the UV mapping, I just wish Maya's were so intuitive and easy to use. Unfortunately, when I made a voxel model and retopoed it and then UV mapped the retopo, it wouldn't transfer it to the voxel as well? So it had me wondering, is this because it's just the demo? Do certain features simply just not complete and not tell you in the demo or is it bugged? Also, in the basic version versus the full version, what is and isn't available? Will I be able to do all of this in the basic version or only the full version? I also wanted to know, does the company consider use of things made in it in Second Life to be commercial use and do I need the full version of that or do they count that the same as selling items for use in TF2? If anyone can tell me ASAP, I'd greatly appreciate it, Steam's sale on it runs out in just a little over a day and I'd like to get it on sale, but not sure if I can get just the basic version or if I must get the full version to use for Second Life even though I make barely pennies from it.
  7. Man, I love this video! It somehow really captures the essence of how awesome 3D-Coat is! Just plain fun to model stuff without worrying about technical details too much...but the results still look great! And I like the music too...anybody know who wrote it?
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