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Found 8 results

  1. here it is on art station https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8b323x there are more pics there Rendered in Blender, sculpt/paint in 3DCoat, retopology, plant models, and hair in Blender, Krita for the plant textures
  2. artofcharly

    Hedgehog 2017

    From the album: Hedgehog 2017

    Hello, everyone! Recently I did a test with Octane Render on the 11 GPUs on our renderfarm and I decided to recreate this cute animal which I created in 2016 =) So enjoy =) This is clean render from Octane without any postwork. Hedgehog modeling and sculpting - 3dCoat Fur and needles - Ornatrix plugin Grass - Forest Pack Render - Octane Hope you liked it! History of this image: Once lying on a sun lounger and reading a book - I heard a loud clatter and rustling in the bushes =) And it was all accompanied by a loud champing, and the dog didn't understand - where her food disappeared. I looked into the bushes - and there is a cute hedgehog here, so sweet and champing. All the food was stolen from my doggie =) Inspired by everything that was happening - I created this hedgehog. I created the first version in 2016 --------------------------You can buy it--------------------------------------------------------------------- Full studio and environment scenes here - http://bit.ly/2yu2XD5
  3. AndrewLim

    Raven Flying 01

    From the album: Raven

  4. AndrewLim

    Raven Hoover

    From the album: Raven

  5. Taros

    Goat scull

    From the album: Taros Doodles

    I've created this sculpting to be used as a template for a private climbing shirt logo.
  6. philnolan3d

    Kitty Cat Ring

    From the album: Phil Nolan's work

    I made a cute kitty cat ring to curl up on your finger. It's on Shapeways in various prices and materials. http://shpws.me/vNYV

    © (c) Phil Nolan 2014

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