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  1. artofcharly

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    He-he =) Awesome future near =)
  2. artofcharly

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    I know =) I showed it in the video =) So as I understand - now only 4.21SL working with the Sculpt Layers. Right? So, another question =) when SculptLayers will work in the official build? =) In which build =) he-he =)
  3. artofcharly

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi, guys =) In the new 4.21 Sculpt layers doesn't work.. =(( But in 4.21SL everything fine =)
  4. artofcharly


    Everything work's fine. Sorry for the false information. I've used RMB -> To Uniform Space and everything works. =)
  5. artofcharly


    @Carlosan But retopo via decimation still have this bug. =(
  6. artofcharly


    @Carlosan Hi =) I've tested the latest version and this bug was fixed. Thank you =) Now is everything fine!
  7. artofcharly

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    @Carlosan I meant - integration like as SketchRetopo or Nvil or something better =)) Nvil retopo examples =)
  8. artofcharly

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    @lesaint Hm, not the same =) But I hope next time we will have better tool, than SkethRetopo+InstantMeshes+Autotopo + NVil =) he-he =)
  9. artofcharly


    Приветствую =) Появился такой странный баг в 4.8.13-14, не пойму как исправить? Может это даже и не баг, а я что-то не так делаю. Почему-то ретопология не совпадает с моделью, будь-то AutoRetopo или InstantMeshes. Не важно... Вот тестовое видео. Надеюсь подскажете, как исправить и что не так делаю =))
  10. artofcharly

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    He-he =) Thank you for this! =) Love it =) So, another question =) Will you plan to integrate SketchRetopo? =) Or you will create another awesome tool to HQ retopology? =)
  11. artofcharly

    Fantasy World

    Hello, everyone! I want to show you the new project on which I worked in my spare time. This is the fantasy world for my forester creature. For the fast rendering I used: 4*Dual Xeon e5 2670 2,6 GHz - 128 Threads + 1 Intel Core i7 4930K 3,4 Ghz 12 Threads. on the Forrender.com Render time - 58min. Noise - 3% - enough for the final image By the way, who will give the promo code - cgevent to our forrender.com managers - you will receive a 15% discount for render.
  12. artofcharly

    Hedgehog 2017

    Hello, everyone! Recently I did a test with Octane Render on the 11 GPUs on our renderfarm and I decided to recreate this cute animal which I created in 2016 =) So enjoy =) This is clean render from Octane without any postwork. Hedgehog modeling and sculpting - 3dCoat Fur and needles - Ornatrix plugin Grass - Forest Pack Render - Octane Hope you liked it! History of this image: Once lying on a sun lounger and reading a book - I heard a loud clatter and rustling in the bushes =) And it was all accompanied by a loud champing, and the dog didn't understand - where her food disappeared. I looked into the bushes - and there is a cute hedgehog here, so sweet and champing. All the food was stolen from my doggie =) Inspired by everything that was happening - I created this hedgehog. I created the first version in 2016 --------------------------You can buy it--------------------------------------------------------------------- Full studio and environment scenes here - http://bit.ly/2yu2XD5
  13. artofcharly

    The Forester

    Hello, everyone! This is WIP P11 and I finished the character. Now will start to rig him and setup the pose. In the video, I show the process of adjusting the skin and hair in the new Corona Render 1.7, as well as the retopology of some objects in 3d-Soat, texturing in the Substance Painter and setting up materials in the Corona render. Show using the textures for scuffs and dirt from the site Poliigon, as well as creating chains using the script BraidedHair. Combing the hair and fur in Ornatrix. Rendered on the Forrender.com farm. ( 2*Xeon e5 2670 56Gb RAM) The noise threshold was originally set at 5%, as the developers themselves advise for Denoiser. But later I realized that I'd better render a little longer and bring the threshold to 2-3%, instead of using Denoiser. He did not like me very much. Still, the eye is pleasant more natural photo noise, rather than a smoothed picture. Especially if you put a threshold of 3-4% - the noise is almost invisible in 1:1.
  14. artofcharly

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Yeah! Congrats to all!
  15. artofcharly