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  1. Please add real-time editing =) for Scale in SweptNGen and etc..
  2. Done =) Thank you @Gorbatovsky Waiting the improved SweptNGen =)
  3. Hmm, but if I need this form? =) What I should do? How to change bend radius? I don't see this option in the tool. I attached the scene spiral_test.3b
  4. Hi @Gorbatovsky Tried to use SweptNGen for the main form + Swept for spiral... But still not working as needed=) Video:
  5. Hi @Gorbatovsky Please improve this tool. 1) It will be awesome if we can extrude faces with this tool from Edges. a) Manually. Like in this video: b) By Spline (Spiral and etc) Video: 2) Create a graph for editing the extruded form Like this: Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew.
  6. Hi, @Gorbatovsky =) It will be awesome if you will add something like this =) When we create a simple line and then can convert it to the Spiral. Video with a demonstration of this function in Maya. Because it’s easier to get the different shapes you want than to align a ready-made spiral along this curve. But in the video, I showed the curles creation. And it will be awesome when we can create curls or spirals in 3d Coat like this =) That's all Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew.
  7. I tried to make a more simple spiral example in 3ds max with Loft =) The goal is to create the form, then control it with curves near the head. This is inconvenient in 3ds Max. I would like to build a profile on the head, then one spiral and then control it all =) To achieve something like this with good topology from Swept N GEn=) Thank you.
  8. Something like this Thank you =) test_head_hairform.3b
  9. Yeah. Excellent! But the question is different And if there is a spiral? I deliberately bent to just show this problem. OK. Now I'll prepare another scene = ) but first I'll check it myself. Thanks for the video.
  10. Yes, I already sent this topic to him =) About curves in Sculpt mode. Yeah, I want to create a ready-made grid of quads and this allows ModelMode to be done along with Curves. If you sculpt, then you need to do a retopology later, and it's easier to get spirals with curves =) and in Nurbs. As I said, I showed simple shapes. And ideally - I want to learn how to make complex =) But for this - I need to deal with simple ones =)
  11. The main task is to create the surfaces for this plugin =) Then I convert them to guides and then create a hair =) But I dived into grooming so much that I have not practiced modeling for a long time =) Because now modelers give me this forms on my main work =) But it is still sometimes needed for my own projects - for such tasks. And I liked that 3D-Coat lets you create complex shapes using curves - much easier than I did in Maya or 3ds Max. While I'm showing simple examples to deal with them, and then I'll start trying to create complex shapes =)
  12. @sprayer So, I think I need more curves =) Because with them easier to control the whole form. Here is a video with a simple example, what I need(scene attached) As you can see, when I used SurfaceSwept and only one curve - I didn't get the needed result... Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew. test_head_hairform.3b
  13. I'm not sure =) That is I created this topic to find help =)) So, as I understand, I should create the main profile with vertex shaping to the head. Then Create the spiral spline and then control "roots" vertices with the main profile + snapping. Right? And for all of this, I need a "Swept along guide tool". Right? Ok, will try It and let you know. Maybe one curve will be enough. =) Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew.
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