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  1. Hi @AndrewShpagin Here's how it works in Mudbox. I created an 8K layer and as you can see, even with a very large radius - FPS = 60. So we draw and blur in RealTime. Video: mudbox_perfomance_test.mp4 If you watch again that video I uploaded earlier - you will notice that with a large radius in 3D-Coat - we see lags and freezes or 2-5 fps while using Power-Smooth. Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew.
  2. Hi @AndrewShpagin Please check this issue with a perfomance on PowerSmooth Tool Steps - import model, select 2K Texture, paint wtih a big radius. And you will see bad FPS = 1-3, with small radius it 70-100FPS I tested it on 3080 with 16Gb VRam and the latest build - 3DCoat-2022-46 For example in Mudbox 2023 - everything is fast, even with a very big radius... and 4K Texture. If needed - I will record a video example with it perfomance. Video with an issue: power_smooth_tool_issue.mp4 Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew. Plane.fbx
  3. In this video - I show a new tool in 3D-Coat, which is named Power-Smooth. It allows you to make a smooth transition from one color to another, which is very useful when drawing masks for fur or hair masks for Ornatrix. The tool appeared recently and I am very grateful to the developers for adding it at my request. Especially for this, I created a branch in the forum - Previously, in order to get such a blur, you had to reduce the resolution of the canvas. For example, if your resolution was 2048*2048, you had to reduce it to 512*512 or even 256*256. In that case, holding down the SHIFT key would work. But this approach caused us to lose fine details which were not cached when we returned to the original resolution. This was very inconvenient. Now, just select the Power-Smooth tool and blur the borders where needed. --- CONTENTS: 0:00 - Choosing subtitles 0:05 - Where can you buy dubbing in other languages? 0:10 - What will be in this video? 0:40 - Greetings and what this channel is about 0:50 - How long have you been doing 3D? 1:00 - About supporting the channel on Paypal and other platforms. 1:15 - What's this going to do for you? 1:30 - About Youtube-community. 1:40 - About Instagram and my work. 1:44 - Starting the tutorial. 1:50 - What do you need to do to use the tool? 2:16 - Loading a basic sphere to show how the tool works - using it as an example. 2:28 - Fill the sphere - with white. 3:18 - Drawing a few strokes in black. 3:56 - Showing the previous method for a smooth transition of one color to another. 4:26 - Talking about the downside of this method. 5:11 - Demonstrating the Power-Smooth tool 5:30 - Talk about its settings. --- Enjoy watching! Sincerely, Andrew Krivulya Charly.
  4. @Andrew ShpaginThank you very much for this improvements =) My thanks in the form of a lesson. Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew.
  5. Okay, I've already recorded how the Blur Tool works in Maya, but I'd also like a feature that would also help in drawing hair masks. The point is that the strength of the color and blending depends on the pressure. I recorded an example in Paint Tool Sai, if you take a black color and press lightly - it will mix with the color that is on the object. If you press harder, black will show up stronger, same with white or any color. Video - @Andrew Shpagin please improve blur tool. Because already tired of racing in Mudbox, when 3D-Coat better like, but there is not enough of this feature... Thank you. Best regards, Andrew.
  6. @GorbatovskySorry, I didn't get a chance to check this tool this weekend. But I did check it out today. And everything works. Thank you very much for what you did.
  7. @GorbatovskyI will check this weekend and let you know =) Thank you again.
  8. Hi @Gorbatovsky It would be cool if we could add such a Workflow to 3D-Coat. It is often very necessary. For example, you make a model for the client, draw different masks... And then the client changes the model wireframe and UV... And makes a model with UDIM, not one channel... Just this method in MARI helps to solve the problem of transferring all the masks and textures to the new model - https://texturing.xyz/pages/transferring-single-uv-to-udim Please add this to 3D-Coat =) Thank you and have a great day Best regards, Andrew.
  9. Hi @Gorbatovsky And about plane in Teya Conceptor =) I think we need something simillar in 3D-Coat. It is very handy for KitBash and Sculpt. Video:
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