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Found 8 results

  1. Sorry, if this is an easy question. But I have looked everywhere and can't find one theme or other Hotkey set / Tools etc.. Please Help Bring back themes and hotkey/tools to simulate other 3D apps, I'm trying to model and I can't get it to select a whole object to move, like if I create a cube then setup my reference image and want to move said cube into position to start poly modeling adding and moving points / faces etc.. I can't even get out of the gate because all the ollder hotkeys which used to work, no longer work? Anyone have a hotkey setup I can download and try? I was trying to emulate Silo3D's keyset, mode of modeling where I can tweak as I go etc.. Also, Your Preview pane in the reference image selection window does not work, I have alot of images that are JPG's which is in the supported type list of extensions. Yet, when I click on any of them nothing shows as if they are not recognized. I had to bring them up in photos to view and make sure I was selecting the right ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ken Cornett aka StOrM36969
  2. I just jumped into 3DCoat yesterday, and so far, I'm loving the retopo'ing tools (faster workflow than Maya's Quad Draw!) and just only now looking at the painting. I come from heavy ZBrush usage, and working with a drawing tablet, Zbrush's viewport navigation controls seem to make the most sense for painting in 3D. I looked through some posts and I have almost everything set up the way I want (RMB to rotate, ALT + RMB to pan), but Zbrush has two ways for zooming: CTRL + RMB, AND ALT + (let go) + RMB. For those who haven't used ZBrush, if you hold down the ALT key + RMB simultaneously, then as soon as you let go of ALT, so long as you remain holding RMB, you can zoom in and out. It might sound confusing, but in the workflow in Zbrush, it feels very natural and quick, meaning panning, rotating, and zooming can all be done with a combination of ALT and RMB without having to introduce CTRL or LMB into the mix. I see no way of replicating this functionality in 3DCoat (activating zooming if you hold ALT + RMB, then let go of ALT while still holding RMB). I'm surprised and incredibly thankful for the deep camera and hotkey customization 3DC offers, but I'm worried that this feature is so specific and precise, that there may be no way to do it. I'm skeptical but hope to be proven wrong! Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. i would love to reassign these hotkeys because i don't use them sometimes it works sometimes not i reassign one of them it said it saved but when i relaunch its overwrites it to standard
  4. Hello! I would like to know how would I reassign hotkeys for increase/decrease brush radius. I am very used to the Q/W keys instead of [ ], but the possibility described as "press the END key and then reassign" just doesn't' provide me with the desired result. I thought about trying to search for the list of hotkeys stored somewhere in the abyss of my computer drive, but I cant find it either. I would appreciate any tips as this small, huge monstrous flaw in the workflow slows me down. Don't hesitate to bombard me with all of your infinite wisdom.
  5. Привет! Подскажите, как можно поменять порядок инструментов в quick access, чтобы, например, copy вызывался не по space-a-9, а space-a-1? Просто перетащить иконку в начало раздела не работает - а было бы удобно. По энду уже сделал хоткеи для основных инструментов, но редко используемые типа copy тоже хочется удобно открывать. И еще вопрос - можно ли назначать одни и те же хоткеи для управления опциями разных инструментов? Например, мне нравится делать ресет аксис через ALT+R в инструменте pose. Если я пытаюсь забиндить эту-же комбинацию для ресет аксис в transform, то в pose она сбрасывается. Мы же не можем использовать два инструмента одновременно, было бы супер круто иметь не пересекающиеся хоткеи для каждого инструмента.
  6. Hi, I'm using latest build of 3dc 4.8.10 DX64. I'm working on hotkeys and when I'm in sculpt room and try to define new layer (aka PS) from the icon on VoxTree panel, I'm not able to get 3dc to take cntrl+shift+n as an hotkey? however I can get duplicate layer on same layers panel to take cntrl+j (aka PS). Is this a bug? Can someone tell me the text command in *.hotkeys to setup new layer to force this to work? Thanks! Jason
  7. I cant use my camera properly all of a sudden. it moves, no matter what buttons i use, no rotation or anything with hotkeys (alt or lmb or rmb) except if i use the UI camera control. maybe its a bug or maybe there is a setting i can't find, help plz? :3
  8. Another 3D program with a strange interface. It looked good at first, as far as the window layout anyway. Where's the magic button that sets scroll-wheel to zoom, creates a Selection Arrow toolbar button, makes right-click rotate (or ALT-MMB-DRAG, ALT-LMB-DRAG), makes resizing your brush's radius/depth use a modifier key + scroll wheel, and disables it when right-click-dragging on an object (duplicate functionality). Is there a preferences file I can import or something?
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