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Found 8 results

  1. Is there a way to save the instance so that it can work with other programs as well? (Blender) I tried using fbx but it doesn't work. (Only the name is seen as an instance.) And can this also be applied to 3dcoat sculpt to per pixel paint?
  2. Better instancing is needed like in GP or SKP GP GP orginal GroupPro
  3. I'm trying to use the 'Instance To Parent Instances' function but am having trouble getting it to work properly. Normally instances can be scaled, rotated, and translated with the transform tool and changes made with other tools between instances will remain consistent across each of them. However, when trying to use the 'Instance To Parent Instance' function on a child layer to one instance parent in order to instance an instance of the child layer to the other parent instance, the same transformations of the second parent instance aren't inherited by the child. The ultimate result is child instances which don't match their parent instances' transformations. Examples: 1. Instance from Original Parent. 2. Translate Instance Parent. 3. 'Instance to Parent Instances'. 1. Instance from Original Parent. 2. Translate Instance Parent. 3. Rotate Instance Parent. 4. 'Instance to Parent Instances'. 1. Instance from Original Parent. 2. Translate Instance Parent. 3. Scale Instance Parent. 4. 'Instance to Parent Instances'. While translation seems to function correctly, rotation and scaling seem to somehow invert the transformations made to the instance parent in using the Instance to Parent Instance function on child layers. I'm using 3D-Coat 4.8.04(GL64) on Windows 7 if that's helpful. Thanks for your advice!
  4. Does anyone know about an efficient way of placing copies (or ideally - instances) of an object on a surface of another object, with respect to normals of that surface? I know I can do this outside of 3D-Coat, but I'd like do it without leaving Sculpt Room.
  5. Hello 3D Coat Dev Team! I'd like to request a somewhat simple feature to add to the Curves tool in the Sculpt Room. As it stands now when using the curves tool it's typically easier to import the spline as a single voxel object. You can import as a surface, but it usually takes a lot of computing power, it welds all tangent points where the geometry crashes together, and it brings the whole thing in as a single object. I propose you offer a feature that allows you to import each individual piece of geometry (such as a link in a chain) as a separate instance (much the way you are able to when importing a regular object into the scene) This would be invaluable because many times I have a belt, or strap model that I have important that is comprised of many different pieces that I want to stay separate, but I want them all to universally conform to a spline curve as a single object. Thank you for your consideration. -Fletcher
  6. When i import a copies of the same object with the "import to separate instance" option toggled, how do i uninstance the object later? I have found a when i duplicate an instance, the duplicate is not instanced; The scene will be composed of 50 poly-painted instances or so.... & i don't know how to duplicate 50 instances quickly.
  7. I was just wondering about advantages/differences between 2x2 and 3x3 surface mode tilling creator. my first thought was that, the 3x3 just seems to require more work and is extra fiddely.
  8. I went to "Merge subtree" that contains the instance object. Contrary to expectations, Instance object was deleted. Then I went to "Merge subtree" after "Un-instance". Then it is OK , Instance object wasn't deleted. I want to "Merge subtree" including instance, Un-instenace in advance automatically.
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