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Found 6 results

  1. Autodesk has decided to reinvest in its digital sculpting and retopology software called Mudbox after several years of minimal product updates. https://80.lv/articles/autodesk-decides-to-reinvest-in-mudbox/
  2. I would like to know if 3D Coat has sculpt layers that allow you to perform tweaks/moves on a layer and then control the layer strength with a slider. I want to work on a head object with final topology / UVs and create a number of facial expressions. I want to make them on separate layers and control the strengths to preview the animation (similar to sculpt layers in ZBrush or blendshape envelope in Maya). This will also be useful when painting hard-to-reach areas when doing texture painting. For example, painting inside the mouth cavity or inside deep facial folds and creases. Thanks!
  3. In Mudbox you can use the grab brush to move two fingers or legs when they are close together, because it is selecting based on surface instead of volume around the brush. Can 3D coat do this?
  4. Hello everyone. I have just start playing around with 3d coa and i most admit i love it, but i have need help on my pipeline, i am sure i am doing something totally wrong. I am working on my models in mubdox leave them at maximum res and then send them to 3d coat for texturing, import is amazingly long to import the models, then once inside there if i try to make a new material with a simple color texture to start painting (only in the color slot) painting is incredible slow, i would say un usable, so i guess i am importing the model in the incorrect way, there is anyone who can help me understand whats the correct way to do it? i import at maximum levels cause i need the displaced models coming from my sculpting of course. Thank you P.s. i am on an esacore with 24 gb of ram and a gforce 980, running 3d coat dx64
  5. Hello, can a fellow mud-box user tell me how i export a high poly mesh from 3DC to mud box with correct topology? (so i am able to subdivide it in mudbox)
  6. Hi i want to import high detail models from mudbox to 3dcoat as a retopo reference mesh, my problem is if i try to import a huge reference mesh (15mill poly) it runs out of memory and crashes. So i am forced to use a low res (1.2m poly) model from mudbox - i cant export anything in between 1.2m and 15m only one or the other because it mudbox doesn't have a mesh decimator. I need software that can handle and decimate gigantic meshes. I havnt tried zbrush for decimating this huge mesh, and wont unless someone can confirm it is able to import 15m models. (i have slow connection so dont want to download zbrush unless i know it works... but i do have access to it)
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