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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I'm having an extremely hard time getting my transparency to show up in .gltf and usdz. When I upload my obj files to Sketchfab, the opacity shows perfectly. When I take these same files and convert to USDZ or .gltf per the client's request, the opacity of the material does not show up. I've seen the tutorials through the years but non of these help. Attached are my output settings, the way it looks as a USDZ on my ipad 2018, and how it looks in 3Dcoat Please help.
  2. Hello everyone, The pen pressure for 3D-Coat has been randomly not functioning lately. It just has the default size, and no opacity no matter the amount of pressure. My pressure works on Photoshop just fine. For reference: Windows 10 Wacom Intous Pro - Latest Drivers 3D-Coat 4.7 (Broke after a while, switch to 4.8. Worked for a bit and now broken again). I have tried the following solutions. Upgrading program and drivers. Restarting PC. Deleting tablet preferences. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks!
  3. Ok so, simple stupid question. I am new to 3-D coat and i figured that i would try it out with the trial version to see if 3d-Coat was going to do what I needed it to do. I loaded in one of my good models that i made in blender to test out this software. After texturing the model and getting it to a state that i liked VERY much. This is what it looks like in 3d-coat with that middle piece has an opacity of about 10% to get the transparency. Then i go to export it and that is where the trouble sets in. When i go to export (To unity) for a test. I exported it for both blender and unity just to make sure that it was not one. This is the export screen I have. Then once i export and put everything into its respective place in unity I end up with this. AS you can clearly see,that center piece is not at all transparent. I am probably doing something wrong and would like someone to help me figure out what it is and why I overlooked or didn't do correctly. Just the quality from the view in 3-D coat and the result in Unity look completely different.
  4. Hello all, loving 3DCoat's new Smart (PBR) Materials but we have stumbled across a scenario where we needed to make a new Layer that would change the Depth, Roughness, Metalness only but not add any Colour. Is this possible. If not I think we'll need to add a suggestion to include an opacity slider (parameter) to the colour slot. thanks.
  5. I was curious on how to make opacity maps form a high poly. For example a high poly fan grill with lots of spokes. To make it to a low poly an opacity map would be needed. Render to texture somehow. Use the grill only and bake white textured spokes to a transparency layer with alpha channel(or to a black background and remove after))??......Guessing here, barely done any baking at all. Possible here in 3D coat?
  6. Hello, fellow 3D artists! I'm still new to 3D Coat, so please forgive. I'm sure there's a simple answer to my question: "Is there a way to scale a layer in Paint mode?" For example, I want to scale the depth of a layer to half because the bumpiness is too great. Or I want to scale down the shininess (specularity) of the layer, or opacity. How would I do that? Thank you.
  7. The current opacity setting in the shaders relies on a blocky face sorting method witch introduces square artifacts into glass with undercuts see atached The thing is this would be fine except there are some models to big for any program other than 3d coat to open, that means this program is the best in the world and has to be held to a very high standard please comment if you would like to see this fixed too emailing Andrew wont hurt either
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