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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, it seems that 3d-coat have some issues with remembering/storing settings in custom brush presets and that's not the first time. I've created custom presets with "Rotate Alpha Along Stroke" and set the rotation to 90. Everything looks fine untill I change tool to something like Move tool and go back to my preset - after this operation, rotation is set back to 0 and not only in that one preset, but in all of them. Same thing happens every time I restart 3D-Coat. Any idea what is going on? 2023-11-29 19-53-22.mkv
  2. Is there anything akin to Photoshop's preset system that can remember my configuration combo of tool, size, alpha, brush options, strokemode, etc -- (I'd be disgustingly happy if these presets could be recalled on keyboard shortcut). To clarify, I bung all my presets on a Razr Nostromo (see above) and it speeds my workflow up something insane in 2D illustration because muscle memory is pretty amazing which makes me happy because deadlines are a lot less amazing and are very VERY scary sometimes and for something thats like 20 bucks on amazon hooo boy its magical (sadly I'm not being paid for this glowing endorsement). On the matter, is there just like, a youtube video or something where I can sit and study someone going through all the more advanced weirdness of finnicky configuration options like customizing the library and nice little tool niches? I know these are kind of presumptuous, demanding and kind of a haughty line of questioning but I've had my eye on 3DCoat for the last few years and I think I'm finally at a point where I'm not as frightened by it as I used to be so I can start learning it (this may have something to do with my wallet). Godspeed, community. You were on the money last time with my last request, here's to you again you reliable good nice kind people.
  3. With the release of Renderman 21 Non-Commercial, it would be great if there were export presets. The shaders have changed a bit since the release of 20, and he old presets don't quite match up. It would be great if there were some new presets added for Renderman 21. https://renderman.pixar.com/view/non-commercial-renderman Thanks!
  4. I noticed that we can CTRL select multiple alphas to use on a single brush. It seems to splutter them randomly. First question would be if it is possible to create a new alpha from multiple selections that will combine them into one? Second...if no 1 is not possible, can we create some kind of brush preset that will always quick select the multiple alphas? N0. 2 would be the prvered method. This way we would have access to and control both alpha brush options. Thanks. Werner.
  5. I recently downloaded Artman's brush presets. Now would someone please instruct me on how to load them?
  6. here are some shaders for 3d coat that I use as my default shaders when making stuff library.3dcpack
  7. hear are some public domain models just install the extension crystals.3dcpack
  8. Hi all! If you haven't done so already, please check out Artman's most excellent presets. They are very good, and a pleasure to use (especially in v4.12+). The thread for them can be found here: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=11447 Cheers, -Javis
  9. Hello everyone, I am playing around a bit in 3D-coat and ran into an issue. I have loaded artmans presets (thankyou) but It seems there is no way to load these automatically on startup. I can save lots of things like workspaces, page layouts (what is the difference) and presets but how can i enable them to be the default at startup? Right now its very inconvenient. Even If I update a preset I still have to save the presets and load them in by hand next time. Please tell me im missing something obvious here like "save as default"? Thanks 3dioot
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