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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! During last months I'm using 3D Coat mostly for 3D printing, which seems to be the best tool for fast prototyping and merging stuff. Unfortunately my printer is NOT the top quality device. When I create accurate models it always adds 0,15mm of material to each side. It happens because it's hard to keep proper thickness of heated plastic pouring from the nozzle. Now... my solution is to create stuff with dimensions lowered by 0,15mm on each side and it works, but I would prefer to: design proper dimensions (so i can reuse it in better printers later); save file; shrink all walls on normals directions by 0,15mm; export to STL; be happy with proper print; There is Extrude option that "inflates" object. I've tried Extrude with negative values but it creates ugly geometry. One of the silly workarounds is to Subtract component in a cube, creating something like a mold. Then extruding it by amount you want and subtracting our "mold" from another cube. This way you get thinner model in every place. Is there any tool that can do something like inverted-extrude?
  2. Hi everybody, Could anybody help me finding a good workflow to texture my papermodels in 3DC? I keep it as short as possible. Here is what I do: - Make illustration in Illustrator - export as jpg / 72 DPI but bigger size (4000 x 4000 pixel) - Import my lowpoly obj. model and the jpg into 3DC. (I only have 2048 version). - I UV map and then paint. Awesome !!!! - Export obj with texture as jpg Import into pepakura. The quality is poor. Do I have to work with 300 dpi from the beginning? Is jpg a bad choice? I cannot load the exported tiffs into Pepakura. My UV maps are not symmetric. I don't know how to do that yet. Is that the reason why some details show up distorted in Pepakura? Like nostrils or a mouth which looked well balanced in 3DC. I keep experimenting but it would be phantastic if somebody could share his/her knowledge with me. Cheers
  3. Salut a tous ! j'ai réalisé dernièrement pour le compte de ma société, ma première figurine 3D imprimée! très satisfait du résultat, j'avais de me faire plaisir et de présenter a la communauté 3Dcoat (et je sais quel est nombreuse, y'a au moins frenchy pilou et moi, ça 2 !) alors la voila: May'O (de Ketch'Up & May'O) assis, prenant la pose pendant que le joueur est partit: La qualité est plutôt pas mal, je suis impressionné sur la taille des détails qu'on peut avoir, c'est plutôt pas mal respecté comparé au model 3D. je l'ai faite imprimer par sculptéo, qui propose en plus de shapeways, la possibilité de les faire en couleur en respectant l'image fournie, et ça c'est un sacré bonus je trouve ! maintenant je vous avoue que j'ai envie d'imprimer toutes les autres que j'offre a mes clients pour les avoir aussi ! http://blackantmaster.com/Shop.php et vous quel est votre expérience avec ça ?
  4. As the title suggests, who is our expert in 3D printing with 3D Coat? I'm looking into using 3DC for 3D printing, but while I've gone to Shapeways and Cubicle, among others, I can't be certain from the information on their site how my models will turn out, in terms of scale and accuracy. I wouldn't want to waste money on something that doesn't print correctly.
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