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Found 7 results

  1. Please check the attached demo, version: 4.9.60 Mac tried other ways too, no luck - resample (original -> 1million poly) - select "decrease object 2x (increase density)" - reset axis / space - to global space / to uniform space - reload stencils, or change the different texture thanks issue report.mp4
  2. Is there a way to observe the mapping / wrapping of a stencil on the target mesh in full prior to actually transferring brush strokes? with camera view you get to see the stencil much better for things like sizing, rotating, etc. I want to be able to position the stencil exactly against the mesh. Thanks
  3. Hi forum, I'm having trouble with stencil previews. If I choose camera mapping, the projection guide is way off to one corner, not centered to camera pov. Clicking Reset still keeps the preview inside the same square area. Using the green widget or the controls at the top of the screen moves the stencil around, but still inside the off-centered square. There's essentially no way to get the preview into the center of the screen. I don't know if its related but I'm having other glitches with smart material preview just previewing as solid colors only (or normal map only) on some surfaces of a model while other surfaces on the same model will preview them correctly. I have recent nVidia drivers and this happens in both DX and GL versions.
  4. Hi I was working on a project for the first time, while learning 3d coat. Out of the blue the software started giving me bugs, despite trying different things and eventually reinstalling it with no luck. When I use the sphere voxel tool in top down isometric view to create a lasso square, it doesn't work and/or it comes out cut off with jagged holes on the side. Now, the extrude over stencil doesn't do anything either. I am quite confused. Does anyone know what is going on?
  5. Hi! As it is not possible to sculpt (using a stencil) and projection-paint (using the same texture as for the stencil) at a time I am wondering if there is good way to match a sculpting with stencil and later project painting with a colored version of the stencil. Any good workflow for this or is it just a matter of aligning (positioning) the sculpted model as good as possible with the bitmap for painting? Thanks! David
  6. I have tired using the clay tool with a stencil to indent the pattern into a voxel cube and had it fail. If I paint onto the cube surface 3D Coat behaves as expected, it builds the surface up leaving the pattern in the cube. If however I hold Ctrl and just click onto the cube surface to indent the pattern the whole pattern is cut through the cube regardless of the depth setting for the brush. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  7. I cant find any shortcuts for rotating, scaling and paning textures/stencils. Are there any? there is no tooltip for them.
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