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Found 6 results

  1. I've been using 3d-coat for a long time, and I have found it to be a persistent inconvenience that whenever I undo something, the tool that is selected changes. I suppose that the intent is to revert to the tool that was in use at the step you have stepped back to, but it never seems to really work this way, and it is not generally what I want to have happen. Most of the time when I click undo it is because I have made a brush-stroke with one tool that didn't look quite right, and I want to try again. Unfortunately, IMO, trying a brush-stroke a second time also usually involves re-selecting the tool that I was using. I only made a brief search, but I don't see other threads which mention this, so perhaps I'm alone in finding this undo tool-switch to be undesirable, but I thought I'd put it out there in case there are others who feel like me... I hope I've described the situation clearly!
  2. Hi, I want to increase number of undo, but I can`t find were this settings located 3D Coat 4.8
  3. Seems that with my latest model and latest 3Dcoat Im again suffering from undo artifacts that are really frustrating. Mostly these appear after a while when using rectangle tool and undo. Sometimes undo does not clear the whole of the last painted area and sometimes it partly undoes multiple undo levels at a time. In the picture I had drawn the large rectangle but tried to undo it and the undo brought up the right corner and if I undoed more it completely ignored that large rectangle area and just kept undoing/artifacting the area more.
  4. Did anyone know how to add more" undo" history instances in 3d coat, i cant find any way Did anyone know if is it possible to do it like photoshop??? THANKS
  5. Did anyone know how to add more" undo" history instances in 3d coat, i cant find any way Did anyone know if is it possible to do it like photoshop??? THANKS
  6. There is a bug affecting every model I create. It's really inconsistent. Sometimes when I undo or smooth, or turn symmetry off, it corrupts my mesh and is irreparable. It basically causes he mesh to have zero width on some part of it. I can't even undo to reverse the changes and hope to god that I have saved a recent backup. See attachment to view what happens. Notice the top part of the model's head that looks like its see through and pixelated almost.
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