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  1. Does 3DCoat rendering support translucent materials with things like light scattering and distortion? I have been banging my head against this for a few days and I'm not getting anywhere. Just recently finished this sculpt yesterday and was hoping to have the skin of the wings be semi translucent like the skin of a human ear. Would also love to be able to do more glass like materials similar to the dragon image.
  2. Currently on 22.05, but will update soon. Thanks very much, I hadn't looked much at the preference options.
  3. Hard crashed yesterday and locked up my pc while painting a sculpt. Turned out that in documents/3DCoat/data/Undo there were over 35 GBs of files piled up leaving my with almost non HD space. I assumed to occurred over the course of the day while modeling. Similar thing happens in documents/3DCoat/UserPrefs/UserScenes with autosave files.
  4. Yesterday morning I noticed I had a forced windows update, also noticed I had dropped from almost 75+/- GBs of HD space to the low 20s. I assumed it was the update. After spending an entire day backing up and cleaning my system I looked at how the HD space was allocated. Digging in folder what I discovered was that in 3DCoat-2021/UserPrefs/UserScenes I had 45 GBs of old auto saves taking up HD space. Deleting them solved the problem. I don't know If that really a bug but it seems like you could create issues for a lot of users. I'm currently on version 2021.61, but I'm going update now.
  5. RESOLVED. I didn't take it down in case this helps point to a bug. I had to set each mesh to world space in order to get it to work.to world space. I had previously set each mesh to uniform space.
  6. I am blocked at the paint stage on this sculpt. After baking the curvature and occlusion, when I select a material to apply, the program crashes. I've also tried just applying the material before baking knowing that it will prompt me to bake, but I still get the same crash. I've done plenty of sculpts and have never encountered this problem. I just updated to the latest version of 3dcoat and still get the same crash. I've attached the crash log and a link to the file on dropbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c8myc1aes3yyhpj/Mimic_Paint02.zip?dl=0
  7. I am working with an object I don't want to merge together, but I need to bend and twist the sculpt. Is there a way to make the pose tool effect children of a parent?
  8. I've been trying to figure out how to get the material on the torch in the attached image to Glow in a final render. Ideally it would actually emit light and effect the materials around it. I assigned the shader material "fire" from the volumes category, but that had no effect. I tried setting the diffuse material that was painted on to the mesh where the flame is to emissive, that just turned it sort of brighter but in no way affected the environment around it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thank you very much! I'm a die-hard 3D coat fan and professional game developer. Didn't mean to sound ungrateful, but game Dev is always a mad crunch to get as much done in the time available and losing 3 hours to something like this can be a real pain.
  10. Okay thank you for following up. Understood. It's a pain in the butt but it looks like it's working. I feel like this is something fundamental that they really need to address. All told I'm in like 3 hours now trying to get up and running so that I can continue working.
  11. @Carlosan I don't understand what you are suggesting. Are you saying go an locate all the stuff I need migrated and copy it manually?
  12. Upgraded and installed 2021 latest version. Have tried repeatedly to use migration master. It successfully brought stencils and some other things over to 2021, but none of the smart materials. Many of which were just variations on pre-existing default materials with a few settings tweaked and renamed. In addition to the many custom 3D coat smart material packs that were installed. At this point I have like five versions of the software installed because I have to maintain functionality on my job. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated
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