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  1. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Save to STL 3dc 4.8 vs 4.9

    Yes, let me get it uploaded to dropbox.
  2. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Save to STL 3dc 4.8 vs 4.9

    thanks very much for taking the time to follow up. I have used that that command and it says that the mesh has no holes. I've also exported other much lower resolution sculpts, not the basic meshes included in the package, but other measures and not been able to get an STL export.
  3. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Save to STL 3dc 4.8 vs 4.9

    Yes, I can. I'm using pursa slicer to resize, correct orientation, and then export it as an STL. But when I export it as an obj it shows these numerous tiny random holes in the mesh. and it is so polygon dense that loading that mesh and then trying to fix those holes is nearly impossible. It also loses a degree of resolution when converted to polygons. my last attempted this after spending all day testing different exports, was too thicken the sculpt by 1.5. then export it as an obj. This appeared to eliminate the holes, but converting obj still appears to cause a loss of resolution. I have a bunch of sculpts like the one I posted that I've done in the last few weeks, but I'm stuck until I can find a version of three coat that actually exports an STL correctly. Or for that matter any sort of step by step tutorial on getting a sculpt exported as an stl. I haven't been able to find one, and I might simply be missing something that I need to do in the process, like does it need to be in voxel mode versus surface mode? Things like that. At the moment I am switching it to surface mode.
  4. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Save to STL 3dc 4.8 vs 4.9

    Ok, I have tried v 4.9, 4.8, 4.7, 4.5, and 3.5, couldn't locate a v4.6. None of those seem to successfully save out an STL, and the 3.5 doesn't have it as an option. If anyone else has had luck with this, please point me at the correct version.
  5. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Save to STL 3dc 4.8 vs 4.9

    Alright, thanks very much.
  6. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Save to STL 3dc 4.8 vs 4.9

    I am trying to save a sculpt out as an STL file for printing. I'm working off of an 11mil triangle sculpt. When I save to STL from 3dcoat 4.9.67 it spins its wheels for like 30 minutes and is using 94% of the CPU. Eventually I force quit with no STL file being saved. When I attempt the same thing in 3dcoat 4.8.25 it spins its wheels, but is only using 17% of the CPU. So far neither result in a successful save. Any idea why the difference in CPU usage? And am i just making a mistake by trying to save to STL from an 11 mil sculpt?
  7. supereasy1001

    [Fixed] Point Placement Error in Retopo

    Thanks very much for getting back to me. I updated the latest version of 3D coat reopen the scene and the problem no longer exist. So maybe it was an artifact of some issues with the older version
  8. Have been working on a mesh retopo, everything functioning as expected. stopped for lunch, came back, had the restart 3dc. hen i reloaded the scene and continued retopo by placing pints and creating quads, suddenly the points are not snapping top the sculpt mesh but rather are being placed space somewhere beyond the surface of the mesh. Have tried restarting and the behavior persist. In the attached image you can see where I am placing the point, then in the next image with the camera pitched, you can see that it's placing the point in space behind the mesh. Sometimes it places it inside the mesh.
  9. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Against Deadline Low Res Stamp Issue

    thanks for the tip. I made the mistake of switching to surface mode without baking the sphere, (often apply solid colors to the sculpt but have never applied a stamp) which would have let me set the texture resolution. Rushing to get done and made a novice mistake. Thank you very much!
  10. Wouldn't normally post in SOS, but pushing up against a dead line and didn't expect to run into an error like this. See attached for my source image and resulting low resolution stamp. I've tried various image for mats. restarting 3dc. etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Normal map is scattered

    That did the trick. Thanks for the help.
  12. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Normal map is scattered

    Holy cow I've been banging my head against this exact same problem. Testing the shader bump scale now. see below for the sculpt vs the bake. have done this countless times and somehow managed to screw something up this time.
  13. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Noisy Normal map

    See images for the sculpt and the bake. Only problem is the normal map, it is SUPER noisy, like the value for each pixel is highly contrasted. Crazy thing is I've done this like 200 time sand haven't encountered this issue before. in fact I did it with an older version of this mesh. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. supereasy1001

    [Solved] Material Store forgetting account and credit ?

    So this appears to be a minor issue with the store not recognizing my email. The problem is resolved. Thanks very much for your help.
  15. I'm a long time registered user. a few weeks ago I purchased a couple materials and had remaining credit on the store. Now it won't recognize my account or the email address associated with it. Has anyone else encounter this problem?