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Combined Texture Map / Sub-Object

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OK, I've created a multi-subobject Voxel asset, retopologized each, painted each, and now I want all the textures and subobjects combined. I can do this in Max, Photoshop, etc. but I'm trying to determine if there is a way to get this done in 3DC, thereby skipping a bunch of steps. I can see that the UV islands are placed appropriately already, but I don't know how to combine the texture maps together and to also get the assets out as one combined object. Is there a way to do this in 3DC?

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I was a little unclear on your statement.

Do you mean you want all the uv sets combined into one uv set and then export the objects in the paint room as one obj file?

or you want to export the maps and objects has one obj file with all the separate uv maps created upon export?

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I believe this is what you are asking for is wanting to combine all your objects as one object in the obj file and have only one uv set for that object.

Here is one way..

Watch the video by AbnRanger to learn how to combine all your uv sets into one. you can skip to the 1.40 mark.

Apply your uv set so it is updated in the Paintroom

Delete all unused uv sets after you apply your uv set... Very Important, a must do... (not covered in the video)

In the paintroom, rename all your objects under the objects tab to the same name. This has done to be for the method to work.

Rename your material name if you so desire but is not necessary.

Under the file menu, choose Export Model, selecting the maps (diffuse, normal etc) you want exported.

Now when you load your obj file into your rendering program, You will only have one object with one uv set (map) for that


I only have tested obj files and not the other model file formats...

A heads up:

This is a method I worked out recently. The method seems to have no problems as of yet but will require some more testing.

As always have a backup copy of your original file...

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This is a very interesting set of techniques. Thank you. I've been bouncing each asset with it's UV layout to Max and attaching them there. Then I put them back in and paint more. All of this seems a rather intensive number of steps, when a feature could be added to simply combine assets + UVs right inside 3DC. I wonder if this is something Andrew would consider.

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