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Workflow for copying (baking) textures?

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Hi all, I have a question with the texture baking.  I have two models I've made in Maya and imported into 3d-coat as FBX.  I have a texture on one which I've painted in 3DC, and so I don't need to redo the painting I did on the other model, I would like to bake out the textures.  


Is there no way to transfer textures (layers and all) to new models?  I'm trying to bake them out, but it only spits only one UV tile, and not all.  I've seen the videos for texture baking, but I'm still a little confused because I haven't been able to successfully get a correct final texture.



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Paint Room


Texture Baking tool


or, if you have the model finished in Paint Room

go to Retopo Room

Import the another retopo mesh

Merge with ___ select your option here

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