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The Candy-floss Kid

CleanClay - The Dark Art?

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Dear Wizards of the forum,

I need help deciphering the mysteries of CleanClay. The two I am most interested in are Reduce and Decimate.


Whilst upping areas of resolution seems more straightforward the art of reducing poly count with cleanclay seems more like voodoo.


1, The relationship between detail and brush size for each option? For example detail of 1 - means what - is it an average? Why is there details options greater than 1 - detail means increasing resolution using LiveClay therefore why is there an option for detail higher than 1 for reduction?

Reduce for example doesn't appear to reduce all areas i.e I use reduce on a mid level of poly count and nothing changes until I move to a higher area of resolution which is then reduced lower than the mid level? Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


2, The best selection choice for reduction whilst maintaining edge details?


3, what part does the smoothness option play?


4, it doesn't appear to play well with symmetry?


5, Do both reduce and decimate attempt to preserve detail?


Any illumination gladly welcomed.

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Illumination there came none.


Having studied the topic with greater depth I can better understand why there is no easy answer to my questions.


Words that come to mind, theoretical , temperamental  and variable. Fortunately 'achievable' also made it on the list.

It appears that there is much jiggery-pokery particularly with finding the balance between brush size and what detail setting at 1 or below to use.

I wager that writing my best results for certain scenarios as brush presets will save time.


Having a feature to paint global reduction via a frozen selection like you can presently with subdivision would be welcomed.


Originally I set out to lower resolutions merely to be able to smooth out and readjust certain curves of my working mesh quicker.

Perhaps using proxy mode for larger adjustment and smoothing globally through frozen areas is more à la mode?


Yours intrepidly.

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