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UV mapping - stack islands

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Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if there is an easy way to stack islands when they have the same element, like in this example, I made a tree with many leaves and the UV map would look like this: http://i.imgur.com/A72DcZL.png

So if I would do that manually I had to scale and move every single island and it would not only take a long time but also never really be accurate (http://i.imgur.com/mjWIKHf.png).

Is there any way to do this better? Or at least a way to scale all the islands equally so I'd only have to move them manually? If not, maybe in another program like 3ds max?






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Select an island

Ctrl + C


Select another island

Ctrl + V

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In my experience, it works even on complex uv islands. That being said, I'd advise to recheck the topology, if you can't stack UV island by copy/pasting, it's generally because of split components, or too differing triangulation.

In Nivellen's case, for example, I'd bet on the later. Having the same triangulation should let the usual UV stacking works, after rotating some of those differing edges (select / edge /CW or CWW spin command). Or, since it's so similar, delete one UV island, select the other and clone it (*), position the cloned retopo parts,and easily copy paste their Island. Might be faster than picking incorrectly rotated triangle edges edges and rotating them one by one.

(*) / edit: Still in the Retopo room of course; And 'clone' "appears" in the Commands tab if you're first in Select mode, Faces.

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