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Photoshop corrupted Groups and pixel Padding

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Hello everyone, 

I am trying to set up a pipeline using 3DCoat as my main painting program for Low Poly 3D Pixel art. I run into two issues.

The first is the pixel padding settings when using the Ctrl-P shortcut are not respected.

Steps to reproduce Problem 1:

  1. Import an .obj for painting in 3DCoat
  2. Go to Edit/Preferences/General tab
  3. Set padding to Never and padding Width to
  4. Export your layers using the hotkey Ctrl-P
  5. Go to Photoshop and notice that the padding is still there.

The second issue has to do with the corruption of multiple layer groups when a .Psd file is sent back and fort between 3DCoat and Photoshop.

Steps to reproduce Problem 2:

  1. Import an .obj for painting in 3DCoat
  2. Create at least 3 layer groups and fill them with a random amount of layers. 
  3. Export to Photoshop using either the Ctrl-P hotkey or go to Textures/Export/All Layer Color 
  4. Go to Photoshop and notice the dialog box indicating: "Some Groups were found corrupted and repaired."
  5. Notice that some of the groups you have created are now turned into empty layers and that the layers contained within are placed below the new layer.

Alternate steps to reproduce Problem 2:

  1. in Photoshop, Create a .psd with at least 3 layer groups filled with a random amount of layers.
  2. Save and Import them in 3DCoat.
  3. Notice that some of the layer groups are now nested inside of one of your Groups (usually the one placed highest in the list).
  4. Notice that if you export back to Photoshop, you may get the "Some Groups were found corrupted and repaired." dialog box.


I am using Version 4.7.06 of 3DCoat and Photoshop CC 2014 on Windows 7.  

Related Mantis bug reports: 

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Thank you so much Carlosan! 

On an unrelated note, but still in line with my pixel pipeline, I've noticed that the eraser tool doesn't have a brush sensitivity setting on the opacity slider contrary to all the other painting tools. Here is the mantis report I made for it. I'm guessing this is more akin to a feature then a bug because the eraser never had that setting. But Maybe you can tell me if there is any chance of seeing this implemented in the future, or if there is a reason why it has never been available?

Thank you again Carlosan and have a great evening!

PS: pardon my really poor English in those mantis reports... I think I need to proof read a little more when it gets this late in the day! Let me know if you need any clarifications.

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It's no use, even with this setting ticked on, the eraser will use the pressure sensitivity of my pen. could it be a bug if it still does? 

*Edit* Testing in 4.5.19 seams to me that the eraser never used to have pressure sensitivity and that it might of been introduced to 3D Coat since then (i'm now using 4.7.06) without adding the ability to disable it. 

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