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Is it possible to work with very low poly quads in the Sculpt room and if needed, modify that topo?

For example in zbrush, I can import my model, use any brush on it while keeping the low poly quad topology in tact. Then if needed, I can get zmodeler to edit, add, delete polyloops or any geomatry. Then I can use brushes etc etc all on one screen. No rooms or anything.

Can I do the equivalent in 3Dcoat? For example, can I import or make my own quad low poly model, edit the topology or use the surface sculpt tools when needed? Can I simply just do that like I can in zbrush or is there a process for it?

Also is there an fbx rule needed for 3Dcoat? I can import FBXs in zbrush and my trial of substance painter, and maya easily, but 3Dcoat doesnt like FBXs all too well it seems. They will either not show or have weird artifacts.

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