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Export from Demo

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Downloaded the demo and am playing around.  Tried the UV unwrapping and did a bit of painting.  Looks good so far.  Wanted to export so I could bring into Lightwave and Octane.  But am not able to export from demo.

So my question is, anyone useing Octane in Lightwave and do the textures that are generated from 3DC compatible?  

Can anyone send me a small model (box) and textures that has been painted with some metal like surfacing so I can bring that into Octane+LW to see if that workflow is good?


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Yes that does help, it points out there are issues with the workflow!  I see there is an Octane workflow on the export but several things have to be changed/adjusted.  Any chance 3DC will update those presets to be actually compatible with Octane and the workflow that is used in their render engine?

Sure wish the DEMO allowed export for full testing of these things.  Even if Geometry was partial..and textures had logo marks or something.

Thanks for the info, it did help, just not the answer I was hoping for.

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