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[Solved] Can't export OBJ


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Hi everyone!

First of all, I want to specify I've checked several tutorials to see if I was doing something wrong, but it doesn't look so. I'm doing exactly the same things I've seen working on tutorials (and they're the most obvious and first things I did too) but I can't export a multiple part object in anyway. It just export it as blank. So I'm guessing this is a bug or I'm just missing something really big this time! I attach some screenshots here to let you see exactly what I'm doing:





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I think I can see your problem there Luca, The "modelling" layer you have selected is actually an empty layer, I can just about read the very bottom line of dialog in your layout screen grab, it says current obj zero tris ( no triangles)

So you could drop down a layer and export your  " screw_cone"  and see how that go s.

To export the whole thing hit "export scene" that should send everything. But the imported model in your other software will probably just be one combined model. ( this is the case with Carrara software. I dont know if this is true of other sofware.)

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Stusutcliffe has got it right...  Right click on a vox tab layer "Export Scene" The empty layer will not be exported to let you know. 

I know it works but I tested exporting. Imported correctly into Blender and Hexagon.


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