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  1. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat vs. ZBrush and Marvelous Designer

    Artimiano . I think it depends what you mean by animate clothes. I f you mean have some sort of catwalk model prancing up an down in a flouncy dress, then no in 3dcoat. I think thats what MD is designed for isnt it. I use 3dcoat to "animate" cloth with a simulation but just to get a nice pose. ( did I converse with you about last week? Or was it someone else?) I suppose you could construct clothes and export them though, to Blender or your favourite 3d package. Thats all beyond me though.
  2. stusutcliffe

    2021 Smart retopo tool

    That looks cool. I can see the 'autosnap' button at the top, so I assume if you switch that off you can lift the polys from the surface and form 'clothes' but I would not know if you could draw them lines in mid air so to speak. But it is usually easy enough to drag the polys where you want them. I keep them at a low count because there is less to move about then just subdivide,when you get nearer the shape you require. ( the new poly modelling thingy might be useful for clothes and stuff, we shall see. Because I think retopo is just basic poly modelling anyway.)
  3. stusutcliffe

    2021 Smart retopo tool

    I'm not sure what the smart retopo tool actually is yet , Ive not had a look. But generally in retopo you can lift the polys off the surface, I think there is a snap to button to check/uncheck. I frequently do this. I construct things in retopo, usually capes and sleeves then bring them in the sculpt area via the Cloth tool and do a simple simulation .You can get some nice folds and hangs.
  4. stusutcliffe

    [Solved] newbie question, please advice

    It can help if you show the whole screen, so we can see your settings, it makes troubleshooting easier.
  5. Ha ha, You made me feel bad now... I didnt expect feedback on my feedback. Just my personal preferences really . I always feel like "speed" sculpts are just showboating I personally find them neither entertaining or educational. Each to his own... I occasionally get actual jobs and I can sit here for 10 hours straight with just the sound of a ticking clock for company. I sure some people will do it with Metallica blasting away all day. I didnt now you had music thrust upon you when using youtube. What do you lot out there in forum world have as "backgound ambient" ( Grant Abbitt and Ryan King on YouTube are a couple of people I look at. They are Blenderists that teach you stuff.)
  6. Why do they always put awful "music" on these things. And speed them up so you dont learn anything from them. Looked like a nice sculpt but I bailed early.
  7. stusutcliffe

    Beta Tools Switching Off

    Hi, I am in the middle of job, so a couple of betas behind I think. I switched them off anyways because sculpt layers always messes me up, because I paint and sculpt on vertex. I always end up inadvertently sculpting on umpteen different layers. Though at one point they switched themselves back on even though I was working on a brand new no sculpt layers scene. Hope they can be switched off in 2021, or I dont think I will upgrade.
  8. stusutcliffe

    Beta Tools Switching Off

    Thanks for the info. Maybe that ominous countdown on opening 3dcoat needs cancelling .
  9. Hi, I get a warning when I start 3dcoat saying the Beta Tools will switch off soon. ( 2 days I think it said today) Does this mean 2021 will be released at this point? I hate the sculpt layers but have inadvertently got them in a scene ( combined with paint) when I switch the sculpt layer beta off, it just switches it on again because of the sculpt layer I have. Just wondering what will happen when I open the scene when it has been disabled permanently? Im currently doing a scene with all betas switched off just in case. ta
  10. stusutcliffe

    Sculpting patterns around curved objects

    You can adjust the sharpness of the seam in the settings next to cubic to make it less blurry, but obviously the seam will still be there. And you can slightly adjust where the seams are. ( think thats a job for zbrush maybe at the moment.) Make a feature of it and put some stitches along the seam. Im looking at this problem right now, but not decided what to do.
  11. stusutcliffe

    It would be nice if we could lock reference images in place

    Put a request in, wherever you do that, they could sneak it in Version 2021...cant be that hard....says the the feller who litrally knows zero about programming...
  12. stusutcliffe

    It would be nice if we could lock reference images in place

    Dont think you can lock the viewport window. The way I use image planes is to select front/side/back whatever, then go to Orthographic. Or maybe make a camera so you can return to the exact view you had.
  13. stusutcliffe

    It would be nice if we could lock reference images in place

    Click the close guides box. Or Have I misunderstood.
  14. There is a thing called " objectify" , right click your object, about halfway down the menu. Might be the thing you want.
  15. stusutcliffe

    3dcoat + Big Sur + Cloth simulation

    Does it not work with the default cloth. Maybe only 3 polygons is not enough for anything to bend. Try subdividing it a few times.