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  1. stusutcliffe

    A good sculpting matcap

    Ha Ha thats what I suspected...
  2. stusutcliffe

    A good sculpting matcap

    Tapper.. Just right click on that "grey ball" image you want in the first post , then "save image as" then you have it "downloaded" ( im assuming thats what you wanted)
  3. stusutcliffe

    [Solved] Performance Problem

    Yeah.. blame it on the kids, thats what I do....and I havent even got any. In the past I sometimes have had things leaning against my 3dconnection. Then I wonder why my viewport is slowly moving on its own. A friend of mines wacom tablet was misbehavin' , it turned out to be biscuit crumbs stuck down the crack in the function keys. Its always a relief when its an easy fix.
  4. stusutcliffe

    Ref Material

    Hi chaps, here is a good ref resource for all your nerdly needs. Just download the pdf catologue. https://ukm.propstoreauction.com/m/view-auctions/info/id/244
  5. stusutcliffe

    Paint without Retopo and UV

    Hey Sherry, I had a bit of spare time,so I had a play with your Temple of Doom. Im not quite sure what you ultimate goal is.. When you say you decimated it with Autopo,what do you mean by that? Pehaps you should have used the Decimate tool. Any way I exported the scene from the Sculpt Room using FBX..... NOT from the Paint Room. It took about 10 mins to open in Blender , but was just about managable at 16 mill polys . With my system ( 16gb ram 4gb GPU) I try and keep to 20 mill or under. BUT with this method you dont get any maps, just the vertex colours. I do most thing this way, mainly because I dont want to mess around with maps, uving etc. Its swings and roundabouts. Its just an easy workflow for what I want to do. Your temple looks like an incredibly difficult to retopo and uv object to me. Mainly because of all those little nooks and crannys.
  6. stusutcliffe

    Is a tablet or mouse better for sculpting

    I just ordered a xp-pen deco. it will be interesting to try something modern after about 20 years with tiny Wacoms. Ive never tried anything else...ever. Maybe tomorrow I will try a peanut butter and jam sandwich....
  7. stusutcliffe

    Is a tablet or mouse better for sculpting

    I think after 4 years he has probably made his choice...hee hee. By the why I am still using the same Bamboo as I was in my last post on this thread... 4 years ago. ( I did have to swap the nib....for the first time ever...) Maybe I should upgrade. I think I will do a quick reco mission on the interwebs.
  8. It would be nice if the cloth tool had self collision and the ability to retain some volume. Has this been considered for future updates?
  9. stusutcliffe

    Russian Steam Loco

    Excellent work Oliver ! I wish I had the patience to fiddle about with hundreds of fiddly bits. I just tend to stick with 'monsters' cos they are quick and easier. I did a picture of a bunch of ww 2 gremlins attacking a pilot in a dodgy looking bomber cockpit. it took weeks!
  10. stusutcliffe

    Russian Steam Loco

    Loco looks great ! ( But i am wondering why you render in Othographic rather than perspective? Is that a design choice. If you rendered from the front low down with a slightly wide lens it could be made to look huge.) Im not criticising , Im just imagining what I would do with a great model like that. Aah, just had a look at your website, its quite technical and ' blueprint' styley.
  11. stusutcliffe

    A good sculpting matcap

    The matcap I tend to use most of the time is the default Sculptris one . I assume it is still available . Just download Sculptris and all the matcaps are in one of the folders.
  12. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    The "polymer" shaders have light emision also. I got a really nice render. ( apart from the eyeballs) I wonder if we will ever get refractive glass.
  13. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Yeah , 3dcoat always starts on the default. Its annoying having to find to my preset folder .Which I have renamed with an A in front just so I can select quickly. Also I seem to collect presets I have not put there myself, they just appear randomly. I am wondering if some of them( not all ) are put in by the developers and are left there when they upload the latest betas.
  14. stusutcliffe

    My 3Dcoat cannot export FBX,help me

    I think it just a reminder . I dont think its a warning, 3dcoat doesnt know how big you want your particular model.
  15. stusutcliffe


    Ta for the reply. I found a website that you can type in the code and it gives you an RGB number.