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  1. That s a mystery, something has gone wonky . Maybe a re install, or hang about for a more knowledgeable answer.
  2. Isn't that just your AXIS indicators .. go to the VIEW tab and turn them off. ( 3dCoat 4.9, dont know if its different in 2022 vers.)
  3. I got what you got. All those black splodges. I think what it is, 3dcoat shaders are sort of only for 3dcoat, did you use "metal" shaders. they dont really export as anything. So that maybe a limitation to vertex paint to Blender. They look nice in 3dcoat but you cant export them because the use the "effect" of a bump and specularity. When I do metal I usually do it in Blender rather than 3dcoat first, but I just do simple stuff like gold earings and buttons. I think you should experiment a bit more. Just make a sphere and experiment with that. Vertex paint it, export it. Then retopo it , and export the maps that way you can see how it all works. FBX to Blender works just fine and stores the colour infomation. All these effects are probably easier in Blender if you retopo and bake various maps that you can adjust with alphas and all the stuff, but they are a pain to make. Vertex paint is easier but then you have the limitations....there is always a catch isnt there. Im sorry I cant explain whats taken me years to learn in a couple of paragraphs. Ha Ha . It took me ages to figure out the Vertex paint to Blender thing, there didnt seem to me any info anywhere. But since I figured it out I mix and match depending on my needs.
  4. Got it. You can delete the link if needed.
  5. If you are happy to share the 3dcoat scene, I can give it the once over. It usually works perfect for me. I suspect something is amiss that is being overlooked. ( I dont proclaim myself an expert in this by the way)
  6. Yup... If you are not making a game or animating and you just want a nice render do this. It saves a lot of time . Though Blender will be a bit sluggish the more polys you have in your scene. I try to keep below 20 million! Also what I do is in 3dcoat , I vertex paint at a big resolution. Then decimate the bits until they just start to look a bit dodgy. Sometimes if an scene has got a miriad of parts retoping/baking etc can take longer than doing the actual sculpt. And really thin stuff like clothing can be impossible to retopo. Though a quick way is to "retopo via decimation" Its all swings and roundabouts and what you can get away with. Nobodies workflow is the same.
  7. From the sculpt "room" Export your scene as an FBX. In Blender , import FBX. Add "vertex colour node" to colour input on the principled shader. Done... ( Be wary of your size of objects ...check in 3dcoat Preferences"in/out" , I use cms. This is because Blender sometimes imports HUGE objects. So some experiments required to suit you.)
  8. I do similar sort of stuff but usually export from 3dcoat to zbrush just to check if it will open for a client. So I will assume it will work the other way but I cant remember if I have ever done it .. Try exporting/saving from zbrush using the FBX export . ( I think from memory its in the Plugins tab .) FBX stores the colour vertex info, where as OBJ does not.
  9. Yup so do I , I said mouse not 3d mouse.
  10. I use the " nearest the nib" button on my pen for undo. ( If you are actually using a mouse for 3d coat, I think the inconvenient undo is going to be the least of your problems. )
  11. When I said Flip, I meant this...not turn the nut upside down. Flip Nut.mp4
  12. How about just flip the nut on one of the axis. 'x' I think ( this stuff make my head hurt..so Ive not really thought it through, just an immediate thought)
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