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  1. stusutcliffe

    A good sculpting matcap.

    The matcap I tend to use most of the time is the default Sculptris one . I assume it is still available . Just download Sculptris and all the matcaps are in one of the folders.
  2. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    The "polymer" shaders have light emision also. I got a really nice render. ( apart from the eyeballs) I wonder if we will ever get refractive glass.
  3. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Yeah , 3dcoat always starts on the default. Its annoying having to find to my preset folder .Which I have renamed with an A in front just so I can select quickly. Also I seem to collect presets I have not put there myself, they just appear randomly. I am wondering if some of them( not all ) are put in by the developers and are left there when they upload the latest betas.
  4. stusutcliffe

    My 3Dcoat cannot export FBX,help me

    I think it just a reminder . I dont think its a warning, 3dcoat doesnt know how big you want your particular model.
  5. stusutcliffe


    Ta for the reply. I found a website that you can type in the code and it gives you an RGB number.
  6. stusutcliffe


    Hello , Ive been given a Hex code ref for a colour. Is ther a way to find this in the paint room?
  7. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Thanks for testing Mr Merlin. Id literally forgotten about it since yesterday, so did not have a go, I think I would have got real cross.Sounds like you had a nightmare. Did anyone test their 3dconnextion who had had trouble with it before ,with the update.
  8. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    What does 'FPG is bigger' mean? I personally never had a problem with wireless mouse and 3dconnexion. What would a difference in feeling be I wonder. Maybe have a go tomorrow.
  9. stusutcliffe

    [Fixed] Green Border For Ref Images

    Didn't this border used to be used for positioning the image? It doesnt seem to do anything at the moment.
  10. stusutcliffe

    [Solved] Faceted Curves

    Thanks , It turns out I was using the wrong stroke mode for what I wanted to do....duh...I needed the spline stroke, the one that still coloured green. I think my brain was running in neutral after a long day staring at my monitor. Thanks for taking the time to reply, at least Ive learned something.
  11. stusutcliffe

    [Solved] Faceted Curves

    Hello, Can anyone spot what I need to press to make these curves smooth? ta
  12. stusutcliffe

    My paint brush doesnt work, help ASAP

    Its like having an itch we can't scratch....
  13. This sounds usefull. I downloaded it ,but have no idea what to do with it now. Could someone chart up an idiots guide to using this ..assume I know nothing. ta.
  14. stusutcliffe

    [Solved] FBX Import for texturing ?

    Hi Slayer, I had trouble with importing an FBX. I did this ( see pic) and it worked good for what I was doing. But I was bringing in a vertex painted object with no image maps /uvs etc. So might not be what you require...I start to get confuzed after a while thinking about all this stuff.
  15. Hi, Just wondering, how do you find the quality of the alpha. I did this a few times a while back but I always found the edges a bit blurry and I never got a clean alpha. I think to get around it I had to make the image twice the size and reduce it later. It was ages ago so probably remembering wrong. But the alphas in Carrara, Daz Studio and Blender were always perfect.