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  1. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    I've not been trying .07, ( currently on .02, which I find quite reliable for my purposes.) But every once in a while the centre cube in the gizmo disappears for me also, I usually just shut down the software and restart and it magically reappears.
  2. Just in case anyones interested its all gone as predicted....and its not even included in your photoshop package. Just head on over to the Substance site. I lost interest in Substance when I found it didnt do Vertex painting.
  3. stusutcliffe

    Problèm . The PAN is not like before

    Just had a quick look at mine .6 beta works like the .2 beta for me, absolutely fine . But Ive got a whole heap of glitches elsewhere . So sticking to .2 beta for now. ( wacom Bamboo)
  4. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Wow , amazing , you da man Carrots. I've just been through most of my shaders + default shaders ,quite a few of them are black or really dark. My shadows seem to be working ok at the moment, so thats good.
  5. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    I just did a quick test with some fresh models , it rendered not too badly but minus shadows ( not ticked off in the options so should appear) I think I am narrowing the problem down to my own edited shaders, the default ones seem to work though Ive not been through them all. I think I will hang on for the next beta and if the probs persist I wil sort out a scene for investigative purposes. I will go back to .2 for my impending client job. If I get some free time I will play a bit more with it. Thanks Try this shader, seems to be the main culprit, it light grey but appear black in the render. Dodgy Shader.3dcpack
  6. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    The renderer seems to be applying the new silhouette option to objects randomly. Even when the check box is set to zero.
  7. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Hi, Most of my shaders behave strangely in .6 plus the real time renderer is weird and indescribable..the nice render was in the .2 beta. Graphics card is gtx1050 ti The bottom image does look like its got a toon shader on it dosnt it, its not supposed to is there a special setting I might have activated by mistake? Why have you posted those toon shaders ?
  8. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    So Im happy with docking my tab etc etc So I tried a quick render.. disaster, something bad is lurking here. Think Im gonna go back to .3 version for now. The nice render compared to the not so nice. ( ps. Dont want to sound like Im moaning about everthing two minutes after ive installed , Andrew and the gang are doing a fantastic job.)
  9. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Yeah I frequently end up whizzing my obj way into the distance accidentally.
  10. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Thanks for the info and help. I think I found that the tool tip pop ups dont work when I have a floating menu/tab thingy which in my case is my presets tab, if I close it my tool tips work. Maybe I could just dock it for now.( that thought just occured as I was writing this..doh) Hopefully the next beta will fix it. ( I really like the gizmo options ...begone those giant opaque squares that always get in the way....)
  11. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Thanks, I tried deleting "options xml" but just that one, which did not work. Should I just delete everthing that has "xml" next to it . I dont much about all this stuff Im wary of breaking something.
  12. stusutcliffe

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    My pop up tool tips do not appear to work in the .6 beta ,this includes my shaders and objects etc. They are checked in the prefs.
  13. stusutcliffe

    What would be your dream Applink

    This is how I work most of the time. I save the scene as an FBX ( Blender does not appear to have vertex colours on OBJs) Import into Blender , then I have to "activate" the colours with an attribute node . Its pretty straight forward. ( once I figured it out,that was the hard bit!) but can be time consuming If I need different levels of spec for each part. It would be great just to send the scene there with all the correct nodes in place.
  14. Yeah, Grant Abbitts tutorials are great , clear and concise . If you want to get goin in Blender ,these are the ones.
  15. stusutcliffe

    [Solved] Smart Material depth not applying correctly

    No problem, I sometimes use smart materials on high poly meshes ,then actually sculpt a bit of random texture on that maybe does not align properly but you can get away with it. I find here is no set way of doing things , it usually depends what you want your final result and destination to be to determine your process. I very rarely bother with retopo these days , I usually just sculpt, paint then render.