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To Re-Paint or Not To Re-Paint?

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Hey folks, I have a question about Exporting Textures.

So, I have a finished model that I have unwrapped and UVd and then painted in the paint room. But when I brought it into Unreal I am not happy with the resolution of the texture and I am already at 8k. (was hoping to get it all on one UV)

Now I have gone back and split the model into separate pieces and am hoping there is a way to import them individually and bake/apply the previous painting I did to that section, OR. Do i need to paint all these separate parts again? please say it isn't so!

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Thank you Carlosan, The 1st link seems to be exactly what I am after but the Link to the how-to video isnt available. trying to piece together what was done from the chat and see where it takes me...

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