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Need to import highpolycount model for detail sculpt

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I have a problem with importing a character Im working on from Reallusion`s CharacterCreator. I already sendt multiple reports.

Heres what happends:

Picture one is the character I want to upload. Picture two shows how many polygons I need, but the outcome is awful when it imports.

Picture tree is the chrash report of what happends during the import of the character. I should be able to import a high polycount file. It tells me to increase my virtual memory, but I dont want to make

my system unstable. My system is:


ASUS Formula IX - ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 8GB - 16GB G.Skill RGB - i7700K 4ghz  - M.2 nvme EVO 960.




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Also try to import it in surface mode , import with out voxelization in the import panel.

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