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  1. Congrats of the smart materials store , i see some great materials there.
  2. My 2 cents that comes out of appreciation for 3D Coat and the developer / support team be hide it , -- NOT ATTACKING ANYONE , NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL -- 3D Coat is a pro software , can do almost everything in a stable and professional manner. Easy to use and understand from day one. How the main developer chooses to deal with the software , the time he splits to different tasks , the tools he is adding is MAINLY his decision and is NOT a simple task to organize and execute. We as simple users , power users , pro users can only ask for tools that fit in a PRO pipeline , are much needed AND at the same time will benefit the simple users. Developer can hear , analyse and IF possible and without causing conflicts with current tasks (and here we have the bugs coming back and forth and i say this from a developers view) implement those requests. I have also asked for a couple additions and improvements , some times they were implemented for all previous reasons , some times not , again for previous reasons mentioned here. Trick here , is to ask something that is not possible to happen even with using other software , we are not 3D Coat hot heads here ( i am in a good way ), we all try to produce work and we use tools to accomplish this. Some we prefer more than other but thats how it goes , THERE IS NO UNIVERSAL SOFTWARE THAT DOES ALL TASKS , BUT THERE IS AN OPEN USER MIND THAT FINDS THE RIGHT TOOLS TO DO THE WORK. So we all better stop arguing and try to help out the developer (ones who cares tries to help , simple as that , rest are all feature hungry users and dont use more than 30% of the overall existing tools already, talking from experience here) , SO asking for tools without understanding the procedures will only produce chaos , delays , bugs and users frustration. Developer for sure checks out other "competitive" software and evolve accordingly , BUT main inspiration is coming from inside studios and pro users , like it or not this is what drives and pushes new features in any software , pro users feedback and how they use a software in a pipeline of tools. From all the messages i read i see a lot of need for several things , ( nothing suspicious in my mind to cause damage ) that can be done by simply mixing softwares (not always the best thing to do BUT essential most of the times unfortunately) . Regarding requested tools and in order to get what everyone needs , takes time and patience. So , long story short , suggest , please stop arguing and let the captain do his thing as Don suggested. Just my personal pure thoughts here .
  3. @Andrew ShpaginRegarding mirror , i already tried it before asking , first thing i tried when i saw the erase sculpt tool , UNFORTUNATELY when i duplicate the layer it looses the info. Also tried copy channels depth , no luck there as well. Great news for team expanding , best of luck from heart , you got all of our support. EDIT Mirror for sculpt layers , how to make it WORK. How i made mirror work so far. 1) Apply symmetry on model 2) Sculpt etc on a new layer 3) Duplicate model 4) Erase one side on original model 5) Erase other side on duplicate model Problem solved. Now we have 2 models with 1 sculpt layer that contains info of depth for both. Edit 2 i will try to automate this with a script once i get some free time on my hands.
  4. @Andrew Shpagin MANY thanks , for all the hard work , erase works fine , fixes are solid AMAZING WORK. Reprojection couldn't quite get it although i got it working. Any tip on how to mirror the sculpt layers? Sculpt layers are so powerful and faster , faster than any other sculpting app out there but cant use it with out the mirror , ,SUPERIOR RESULTS. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT is there a way to import a model in sculpt room in surface mode without having 3d coat triangulate it ,i need it to be same type / topology as the original model before the import. Just like when we import from paint room and it preserves the original topology. Many thanks.
  5. Fully uninstall , delete folders from my documents etc. Do a brush and smart material backup before deleting of course) Restart , install again.
  6. retopo it for animation pipeline bake and paint it . Details on the normal map.
  7. Local gives more precision per object, global gives more freedom to the user to sculpt freely over multiple pieces. BUT for blendshapes it needs to be local per object.
  8. True , this is a MUST along with layer mirror / flip . BUT ISN'T THE IMPLEMENTATION JUST AWESOME????
  9. Ha , thats exactly what i said to Andrew himself , super fast and fluid superior sculpting.
  10. Surface mode , and open the paint layers inside the sculpt room!!!! Create a new layer and do your changes on the model . Adjust normal from 0 to 100 to see the effect.
  11. Nice update , thank you Andrew. **For snap points , small bug , start with snap joints , turn into voxels , observe joins , turn into surface and observe joints again. They change positions. P.S Is sculpt layers in this build even in Beta tools?
  12. Hi , fist of all thanks to Carlosan for notifying me. In order to get the transparency delete part of layer 0 , AO and any other layer that contains info on top of the surface that you are going to apply the glass material. Now you are ready to apply the smart material. In other words the surface that will receive the glass smart material must be transparent.
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