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  1. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Also noticed multiple issues in retopo room when i try to use the brush and move vertices on a retopo model. Auto snap is off as i have no sculpt under it. It only grabs vertices close to the camera only. Using mouse or screen tablet is exactly the same. This on the latest beta.
  2. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hello @Andrew Shpagin , i have one small but crucial request if possible. To be able to show the vertices id numbers (Display Point Numbers) in retopo room IF this is aligned with any recent work yiu are making in the retopo room. Its a request based on works pipeline. I attach an image of what i am looking for. Thank you in advance Michael.
  3. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Something tells me that .17 is coming up shortly...
  4. Michaelgdrs

    New to 3DCoat

    Hi , videos are all fine , and they get updated all the time. Seatch on the official youtube channel , everything you see there , it applies to the latest beta builds. 3DC is one of the easiest sculpting tools out there , and yes i own Zbrush and Mudbox licenses as well , so i clearly say i dont advertise it ,just saying things as they are as simple and straight up as i can. So , do your self a favour and just dive in , watch some tutorial to get the main rooms functionality and start making simple sculpts. Sculpt (Sculpt room) , auto retopo (autopo room) , auto unwrap (autopo room) , bake (autopo room) , paint (paint room) is the simplest workflow to get you started.
  5. Oh , if this comes out soon its going to just murder everything else , along with sculpt layers and gpu painting , goodbye everything else.
  6. Michaelgdrs

    New Competitor - Volumetric Sculpting

    @Spacetime Kodon , MasterpieceVr using them almost every day. 3D Coat with Virtual Desktop is ok as well.
  7. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hi , sorry for the late reply , not sure , but i test it each time and i get similar results , this time i got significantly better results with the exact same settings. I have put a lot of time in autopo research as i use it every single day for the last 3 maybe 4 years? Anyway , i made tons of assets with it and learned how to work with it , small assets , big , parts , hard surface or sculpts , always getting very precise results. Again this time i think that something changed either retopo or the default manikin model as this is the first i test autopo with.
  8. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Marco , kindly re download , there is a new build available.
  9. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    What you just showcase is my "fast and dirty" low poly creation , before IM was implemented in 3D Coat officially. BUT , not with Maya LT due to the triangulation , i am doing it with Houdini Polyreduce Do you love nodes now??? lol 3D Coat ---> IM or Retopo ---> Houdini , you just cant go wrong my good friend
  10. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    David , try Houdini
  11. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Great results from Autopo in this build. THANK YOU.
  12. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    + 1000 Agree , spot on requests.
  13. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    So many useful additions and fixes , many many thanks Andrew.
  14. Michaelgdrs

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Hit F to get a pivot and it wont disappearagain Don Send from mobile Cosmote 4G
  15. Michaelgdrs

    Textures missing when importing mesh into sculpt room.

    I apologise for the inconvenience , in general there are no refunds allowed for digital content from Gumroad and its hard to even refund at will especially at Friday that is payment days. Refund will be shown to you shortly i hope.