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Multiple Objects Export with All Maps + 4K and 8K maps

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  1. I try to export my work after painting and I notice two things I try to export multiple objects using the Export feature in the file menu to be used in a game engine or 3D Animation package and it only let me export UV map set all other UV maps are ignored, am I doing anything wrong?
  2. Plus I noticed after UV mapping that I can't paint on 4K and 8K only 2K anything about this I bought 3D Coat 4.5 and upgraded to 4.8 for free is my license Limited? in was no in 4.5.

Help please


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Please contact


to check if your actual license changed from Professional to Amateur after the upgrade -if yes, can be resolved-

In the painting room, using the command Mesh and texture resolution... Can you change the texture to 4 or 8k ?




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