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What is the proper way to use 3D coat and Simplygon together?

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Oculus medium generates 2-3M poly models that need to be reduced to be usable in unity.

I want to paint these highres models because they have nice details I want to keep and then after painting, remesh them in simplygon which does a fabulous job reducing

but remeshing changes the UV so simplygon has to reproject all the textures that 3d coat makes

what's the proper setting to get the right pbr channels in simplygon from 3dc?



currently 3dc -> obj



looks wrong in simplygon:



so the remeshing looks even wronger in unity



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Use Simplygon utility from within Unity - don't use the standalone version of Simplygon. If you can't do this for any reason, the next best thing is to do decimation in something like Blender or Maya, unwrap the decimated mesh in 3DC, and bake the textures from HP to LP in Marmoset toolbag. Then you can import into Unity. 

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Export the correct maps out of 3DC for Unity and they will render correctly in Unity. I have not used Simplygon and do not know if it supports the PBR workflow.

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