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PBR smart nightmare

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It is already 6 hours of nightmare with textures export of Smart Material. I can't export texture with high resolution as shown in preview and viewport. I read all topics about this problem, tried to change mesh and texture resolution (I set 16384 on start but baking allows only 8192 resolution) , bake textures (I set 16384 on start but baking allows only 4092 resolution) etc. and I already tried with high-poly mesh and 16 384 texture size, but exported image is blurry and terrible. Whatever I do - the result is always low-resolution blurry map.

Please, help me! I can't sleep!


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That smart material is created only using a 1024 x 1024 image. Setting a higher resolution texture will only pixelate the image plus linear filtering that 3DC uses will cause the enlarged pixels to be  blurry.

Some of the default smart materials are created with 1k images and others at 2k images.

The smart material preview window, renders at higher quality but that is not what will be applied. You need higher resolution textures to match your real resolution. 

The scale of your object plus the scale of your textures and how much texture space you have in the uv set that your uv islands cover will effect the final applied texture.

Generally I will create my smart materials at 4k image size.

Not sure why the baking or export size limitation. I will have to check on my side.

The above is not that you do not know the information I discussed but to be safe.

First picture is at 1k resolution. 

Second picture is 4k texure resolution with a 4k smart material. The original 4k image was not a super sharp image but this is good enough to demo. The preview window and the applied texture is closer.



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