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[Solved] Specify the thickness when dividing an object ?

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How I set thickness in Split tool? Like Blender modifier "Solidify"?

For example, divide the sphere into layers like a bulb.  

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There are at least two ways to do it:

  1. Select VoxLayer tool.
  2. Open e-panel by pressing 'E' key and pick rectangular lasso (or other selection mode you need). Make sure that Ignore Backfaces is turned off.
  3. Select an area of your object that you want to detach and thicken.
  4. In VoxLayer tool options set thickness by entering "-a" in layer offset and "a" in Thickness, where "a" is your actual thickness that you want to apply to your detached object.
  5. Hit Apply. A new object with thickness will be created as a child of the original one.



Another way is to:

  1. Hide parts of your objects that you don't need.
  2. GeometryDelete Hidden.
  3. Right click on your object and select Thicken. Positive values will give inward thickness.
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And if you have a watertight object and you want to create an empty space inside it:

  1. Convert your object to voxels.
  2. Duplicate it.
  3. Right click on the duplicate in VoxTree and choose Extrude. Enter appropriate value to shrink it down.
  4. Subtract the duplicate from the original object.
  5. You can convert it to back to surface now.

I'm not sure how the normals inside the object would look like though. They might need reversing.

Example of an empty toroidal space inside a toroidal voxel volume:


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