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3D scan to texture and mesh edit (Texture missing)


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I have made a 3d scan of a starfish using the real sense camera SR300. I used 3D System Sense software. It outputted an .obj and an .mtl  filetype. I used blender to clean up around the model. Then,

I exported it from blender to 3dcoat as an .obj filetype. In 3Dcoat, I fixed up the mesh and the texture. I exported it as an .obj file type and put it into unity, but the texture is missing. The texture is visible on the mesh in 3dCoat, but it is not accessible through the Texture editor. I am at a loss. Can anyone help me figure out how to recover my texture, so that I can export the mesh and texture into unity?

image.thumb.png.8bcb9636eb940ff3c3636ed74c640533.pngtexture editor doesn't show the texture.. XOimage.thumb.png.92390f11b13976466db8342ed580454b.pngif I turn off layer 1image.thumb.png.ead95401528822e8bb64a3ebd70898cf.pngtexture visible in 3D coat, but not accessible..... ;/

I would be REALLY grateful if someone can help me out!


Leona S

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You are vertexpainting the model, need to retopology and create UVs to be able to export the model to UNity or any another app.

Right click on your model in the sculpt room, choose Autopo, then your selection or Just use the Autopo function and work through the process. Both will take you though the process but one is a little more automatic.

3DC workflow is not quad polygons like Zbrush so the model needs a quad retopo mesh created for it, uv seams and unwrapping plus baking. The vertex colors will be baked for the model.

Watch the videos from 14---18 to understand how these functions work, this will save you frustration. The whole series of videos are good for a new users of 3DC. 


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