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Simple? Shader to mesh for 3D printing

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I've been losing my mind, I bought 3DC printing because I thought I would finally be able to print textured things. The problem is I apply a shader, crank the texture scale and bumpness up to 10 and my model looks great but no matter how I try to export no bumpy texture appears on my stl model to be sliced! Please guide me in the right direction I've been searching for years for a simple way to do this.

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At the moment, I do not think you can apply a Shader texture to your model.

Unfortunately, 3D-Coat does not have a ZBrush Noise Maker system. However, you can do some things to inflate (sculpt) the surface of the mesh:

1) Try to use Smart Material with Depth, but in my tests you have to use Cube Mapping or From Camera projection type (if cube mapping does not work). Always try to set a high depth. Generally, when printing details will be smoothed or lost, so depth is important.

2) Use in Sculpt Room:
  - Stencils: Apply the textures you want. (Always choose PNG, TIF, EXR with 16-bit)
  - Alphas: Apply alphas with PNG, TIF, 16 bit EXR for good quality
  - Brushes: Live Clays - You have the option to use alpha in conjunction with the Noise option enabled. Noise will allow you to choose some type of different textures.

Not much, but I hope it helps.

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That,s disappointing. Seems like it should be easy to implement? Option 1 is only in 3Dcoat, I use 3DCprinting. Seems that shader textures are pretty much useless for the ppl using this program for 3d printing. 

Any possibility of this being added, just a bump to surface feature??

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