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Morbolbo: Enter the Maze (an android game project)

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I made an android game using 3D-Coat as my main sculpting, retopology, baking and texturing tool. I thought I'd share some of the assets and things I did for it.

The game's made in Unreal Engine and the screenshots are directly from inside the engine. Other than that Modo was used for hard surface modelling, rigging and animations. The game itself is a sort of procedurally generated maze/dungeon adventure game, where you play as a hero going around searching for treasure, while avoiding traps and fighting enemies. 

Here's the hero character: Morbolbo, the musketeer.


Some unlockable skin variations:


Some other characters:


And some of the maze walls and bridges that were textured in 3D-Coat:


I also have some more pictures of this up on Artstation:  https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BmyArA

And if it's not against any forum rules, here's a link to the game itself. If anyone wants to see how things look in a live setting.

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