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Okay, first of all, kudos to the autosave and saving features from 3DCoat. The stability of 3DCoat while saving is really reasuring. I've never had a save corrupted or lost my files while working (unlike with pretty much any other 3D program). While 3DCoat might be unstable often, after a crash I've always been able to recover or save all or any of my data and not losing any progress.

But there is one little detail that makes the autosave feature quite annoying and a bit stressing for me... I'm not sure if it might be a limitation of the OS or something like that but I didn't see anyone else complaining either...
I usually work with heavy files that take up to a minute to save, I also move between apps quite often. My grudge with the autosave is... It decides to start saving EVERY GODAMN TIME I click on the 3DCoat's window to go back to work, making me literally wait and stare while it autosaves. Once or twice a day wouldn't be a big deal, but it literally happens a few times every hour, so dozens of times after a whole day of work.
Why doesn't just autosave while I'm gone? Why not during any other time but literally when I'm trying to get back to work on the app? It might be something minor, but it can be upsetting when it happens dozens of times a day while working!

Well, that was my small rant, thanks for reading hahaha

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Hello Carlosan!

Thank you for answering so fast like you always do.

No, at the moment I was using 4.9.48, but this is not a recent issue, this has been something that has been happening for some years already.
Its not about how often it saves, that is perfect the way it is now.

My issue is that when that countdown reaches 0, but you are not using at the moment 3D Coat, you have it on the background, and you are using Unity (for example), even if the countdown has reached 0, 3DCoat won't autosave. It will only start autosaving once you click back into 3DCoat. I was wondering if there is a way to make 3DCoat autosave no matter if you are using the program, or if you merelly have it open on the background.

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