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How to fillet cut? New user with a few questions

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Good day.

After trying allot of software and after seeing the Railsea, hoover bike and some of Anton's video's I was sold.

Bought 3dcoat, watched allot of tutorials even before I bought it. I just wish I found it sooner.


  • If I have a box on top view what is the fastest and most efficient way to make/or cut  one the corners to a fillets for example a radius of 4mm?
  • Where can I download a mannequin since the 3dprint version doesn't include one?
  • Seemed the old closed spline tool was faster also choosing it resize the ui is there a way to avoid this?


Thank you!







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There is no special fillet / Chamfer  tool...  One has been requested. 

You can do some beveling when importing some primitives but this is not what you are asking.

You can use the pose tool or curves.

These 3 videos are 6 years old but still apply to beveling. 

The smooth brush works good with curves for beveling.

Hope this helps some.


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The new Beta curves work good at this kind of work using the smoothing brush. 


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