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Painting in cavity doesn't work?

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Normally I have mulltiple meshes (paint objects) that I can hide in order to properly paint everything separately.  This time I have one mesh - and it is an animal with a snout.  So I want to paint the inside of its mouth.  It's modelled in a neutral mouth closed position with a little gap between top & bottom snout.  So I hide the top half of the snout exposing the bottom jaw and bottom inside of the mouth expecting to paint the tongue etc in there.

So that doesn't work and the color doesn't seem to show up - depth and gloss show up - but the depth acts weird like it's taking the top of the snout's skin and doing that pattern inside the mouth.  Where's that skin pattern coming from?  I have another layer beneath the one I'm painting on - but I expected the depth to be smoothed when I stroke because I'm using a flat circle brush.

I then notice color does work but ever so slightly.  The Color is ON and the Opacity is set to 100.  Then I notice that as I paint close the edge of the inside mouth the red color becomes brighter.

It's almost as if the hidden top half of the snout was casting a dark shadow on the bottom inside of the mouth??  Is that right?  I assume if I hide part of the top that it will expose the cavity of the mouth so i can paint inside it properly with proper lighting so I can see what I'm painting?

What's going on and how can I fix it?

Screenshot 2020-11-30 222318.png

Screenshot 2020-11-30 222542.png

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