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I posted the below message in a Godot forum.. in summary, my question is: how may I go about combining (exporting) intersecting sculpted objects into one object (hopefully without destroying the current paint job that I've done) OR export separate texture/materials so that I can load them all in Godot. I'm also open to any other best practices or ways that you would go about getting Godot to load the textures correctly that I have not spoken to here. Sorry if I am not clear, there is a bit of a learning curve and I'm doing my best to catch up as I just bought the software last week.

Thank you all,




I am having issues loading my 3D models into Godot, you can see below that the textures do not seem to look correct. In summary, the red paint is missing from the compartments on the sides of the ship and the reflective metal is either dull or non-existent in Godot. I would like to know if I'm obviously missing something. I would also like to know if anyone else uses 3DCoat, I would like to take some notes from your pipeline. I really would like to use Godot for this project.

Here are the exported files from 3DCoat:

How the 3D model looks in 3DCoat:

How the 3D model looks in Godot:

How the 3D model looks in Unity:

I then received a few messages basically saying..


Looks like the "engines" and the "nose" piece are separate materials? Yeah in my experience it is best to bake everything to a single texture/material and import that. You also cut down on draw calls.

I also got the response..


Based on the screen shot, I agree with (person above): It looks like the nose piece and engines use separate materials or are even separate meshes. When you select the meshes in the scene view and go to the inspector, do you have multiple material slots? If so, you will need to setup all the material slots. If you have multiple MeshInstances, you will need to make sure all the MeshInstance nodes have materials.


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If godot need one mesh and one material assigned, as he said you need to recreate the entire model using retopo room and bake the old model textures to the new mesh.

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