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How to best organise install files and documents?

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Hi, I recently started exploring 3D Coat, but there are a few things I've been having difficulty with, one of these is the proper organisation of the folders and files. I'm not quite certain where they are supposed to be and I'm a little nervous to move things around. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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3DCoat 2022 have a completely new folders structure. Really streamlined and logical as it was proposed.
Almost all now is split between two folders - data and UserPrefs.

  • As it is logical, UserPrefs is user-created content.
  • Data is sort of temporary stuff.

The folder in documents changed, now it is Docs/3DCoat/.

Even if the folders structure is changed it is compatible with the previous one.
As soon as 3DCoat detects some files copied to the new location in Documents from the old one, it will convert the files to the new structure.


Also, if you will install 3dcpack it will be installed correctly (except presets that use old tools that are not present in the toolset).

So, to migrate from earlier version you may copy folders from old version to Docs/3DCoat or create 3dcpack in old version and install using UI.

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