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3D-Coat doesn't store/save Presets settings

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it seems that 3d-coat have some issues with remembering/storing settings in custom brush presets and that's not the first time.

I've created custom presets with "Rotate Alpha Along Stroke" and set the rotation to 90. Everything looks fine untill I change tool to something like Move tool and go back to my preset - after this operation, rotation is set back to 0 and not only in that one preset, but in all of them. Same thing happens every time I restart 3D-Coat.

Any idea what is going on?


2023-11-29 19-53-22.mkv

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Try latest version .21 please

Fri Jun 28 20:58:00 2024

- Fixed several problems related to alphas - adding folder, different scale of preview and the applied alpha, correct estimation of the active radius, transparency outside the images used as alphas.

- Correct alphas folder storing within the preset

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