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  1. @Andrew Shpagin Hi, version 2022.39: 1. Tool option panel still overlapping on disappearing tool bar 2. Flat shading still not working as it should - because there is no clown pass in render room, flat shading is used as one, so please fix it. I've been mentioning this for at least a year and nothing. 3DCoat 2022.39[floating, used 4 of 5] 2022-07-30 17-02-34.mp4
  2. Couple of issues with 2022 overall: 1. Default shader behave a bit weird almost with every start of 3DC - it looks toon-ish or silhouette like, need to be clicked again on this shader to became normal. 2. Brush/Tool option panel doesn't remember position, it always cover workspace tool panel. @Andrew Shpagin Please, add "Reset to defaults" option in Render Room - I mean main lights, extra lights, fog, etc. 3DCoat 2022.35[floating, used 1 of 5] 2022-07-08 11-03-13.mp4
  3. I hope in 2023 we will get some well needed updates in Render Room - it have been neglected for very long time... What I would like to see: 1. Clown pass 2. Gizmos for lights 3. Different types of lights - directional, point, spot, area, etc. 4. Emissive materials/shaders rendering 5. Glow, Bloom, Fog, etc. - something like in Eevee
  4. Nope, this setting will reset any custom Render Room layout(windows arrangement). What I've meant with Reset Settings, is bringing lights, fog, DOF, etc. to defaults.
  5. About Render Room: - Render Room store settings - I know it was a request, but that's quite annoying feature, so... it would be nice to have Reset Settings button alongside Save/Load Settings.
  6. It should import as separate objects, but don't know if that's what you're looking for. I don't have much experience with Zbrush, but subtools and polygroups are a bit different than terminology and aproach in 3DCoat. Anyways, if every part of your model is separate, 3DCoat should import this as separate parts.
  7. Don't know if that's gonna help, but if you have model that consist many parts, you can check "Import to separate instances" in 3DCoat import window.
  8. @Andrew Shpagin Hey, any info. about fixing long standing issue with flat shading rendering or maybe Clown Pass implementation instead?
  9. @Andrew Shpagin Version 2021-70 - Render Room doesn't update when switching on and off any paint layer - you need to exit Render Room and enter again to see changes.
  10. There are some shaders that can work as emissive(with light and emission intensity in shader setting), but won't light up surrounding objects - unfortunately, you still need some post processing in photoshop or use other 3d app.
  11. @Andrew Shpagin version .63 - Render Room resets after switching to other rooms. If you change exposure, switch on space reflections and illumination or any other setting, it goes to defaults after you switch to other rooms. Flat shading still doesn't work as it should... visible intersections. It doesn't work correctly in 4.9.72 and all versions of 2021.
  12. @Andrew Shpagin Issues with strokes are still there. WinTab, no strokes(it worked in 2021.18 and works in V4), WindowsInk/TabletPC, strokes/pressure are working, but with lag on very beginning of every stroke... well, whole ui have this lag, viewport or left side tool panel scrolling suffer from this issue. V-Sync is off.
  13. Nope, it's not about driver. I have same issue with Kamvas Pro 24 on Windows 10 - it works perfectly fine in V4, but it's a mess in 2021(except 2021.18). WinTab, no strokes(it worked in 2021.18 and works in V4), WindowsInk/TabletPC, strokes/pressure are working, but with lag on very beginning of every stroke... well, whole ui have this lag, viewport or left side tool panel scrolling suffer from this issue. That's issue is clearly on 3D-Coat side.
  14. Here is example in WinTab and WindoswInk mode - seems like it works ok in WindowsInk. Now, as for pressure and strokes, it's kinda works, but strokes and overall viewport and tools panel is a bit laggy at very begining of each stroke. In WinTab still no strokes, at all. I wondering if all the issues are somewhat connected with OpenGL, as that was the one that was most problematic in V4. 3DCoat 2021.26[floating, used 2 of 10] 2021-08-11 17-04-56_Trim.mp4
  15. @Andrew Shpagin Here is another example of move tool behaviour, this time i WinTab mode. 3DCoat 2021.24[floating, used 3 of 10] 2021-08-09 20-37-10_Trim.mp4
  16. Yep, it started working in 2021.18 and after that version, things went south. I have tested voxel and surface, same result in both. Puppeteer strings is that black line that reach from model and goes somewhere into work space. It's visible in attached video with move tool and it seems like it's visible with steady stroke enabled. Anyway, move tool works relly choppy and kinda unpredictable. By the way, in this video, side buttons on pen stopped reacting, so I zoomed with mouse. Another thing: Flat shading doesn't work properly, it stopped working somewhat in V4.9.x and it wasn't fixed since then. That was really helpful feature, used as Clown Pass, so... some fix would be great, or add clown pass as render pass in Render Room. 3DCoat 2021.24[floating, used 3 of 10] 2021-08-09 19-43-05.mp4
  17. 2021.22... again, no strokes in WinTab and laggy strokes in TabletPC mode... Move relly laggy and unpredictable, and "puppeteer string" when using this tool. I don't get it, you release version that works(more or less) and another version becomes f***** up.
  18. One problem with 3dconnexion - change of 3dconnexion settings for 2021 messes up settings in V4 and vice versa.
  19. @SERGYI Seems like strokes and pressure works in 2021.18, both WinTab and TabletPC. With TabletPC it's a bit laggy at very beginning of every stroke, though. @Andrew Shpagin I have queston about brushes - is it normal that default brush alpha makes square(ish) strokes, even with falloff? In V4 it makes round, softer strokes, as it should, I guess.
  20. Checked all the API configurations before( reported on July 13) and I have newest drivers. By the way, it works perfectly fine in V4 series, including 4.9.72, so...
  21. Tell me something that I haven't tried already - there is either no brush strokes, laggy strokes or no pressure.
  22. @Andrew Shpagin Any info. about tablet issue - no strokes with Kamvas Pro 24? Would like to test 2021 version, but for now, there is no point.
  23. Ok, still no brushing with Kamvas Pro 24. Also, what's with this "puppeteer" string showing with many brushes. Another thing, weird glitches and destroyed mesh with move tool? Flat shading doesn't work correctly and there is no clown pass option in render settings, so that's a bummer. 3DCoat 2021.09[floating, used 1 of 10] 2021-07-22 21-40-01.mp4
  24. Hi, I have some brushing issues in V2021.02 Tablet: Huion Kamvas Pro 24' Settings 1: - 3DCoat - tablet interface: Win Tab - Huion settings app - Windows Ink enabled Result: no brushing at all Settings 2: - 3DCoat - tablet interface: TabletPC - Huion settings app - Windows Ink enabled Result: pressure and brushing works, but choppy as hell and unpredictable Settings 3: - 3DCoat - tablet interface: WinTab - Huion settings app - Windows Ink disabled Result: no brushing at all Oh, and some issues with 3dconnexion - laggy/choppy in default mode, works ok with API from 4.xx
  25. Render room, same as 4.9 - flat shading rendering issue, visible intersection.
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