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Proportional Editing in Modeling Room



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I would like to know if there is a way to do Proportional Editing like Blender in the Modeling Room?


The Brush Tool is the closest to this tool however, it only makes selections by polygons and doesn’t work well in symmetry.  Perhaps this tool would work well if we were able to select vertices and lines as well. The Move Tool in the Modeling Room can select vertices, lines and polygons but has no fall off feature. Is there such tool in 3DCoat or should this be a feature request?

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Use Select and Transform tool.

Select a single vertex with the tool, expand to your desire vertices. 

You can see the falloff effect. The vertices will go from more visible to less visible in the falloff.

Use the tool panel for your falloff strenght.

Edit: I added another picture to show the falloff better.




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2 hours ago, Oleg Shapov said:

Use Soft Selection for this. A short video on the topic  - ScreenCaptureProject1114.mkv

I failed to mention the soft selection in my original post.  Is there a way to visually see the area of influence when making a selection? And the soft selection appears to have a lot more steps when it comes to selecting and manipulating an object.  Is there a way to quickly select a vertice and move the influenced area?

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