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READ ME!! Submitting Bugs on the Forums

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With so many builds and so many distros being supported (win, linux, mac), it's time that we as users and testers, start posting our bugs with more structure so it's easier for Andrew and SERGYI to locate and eradicate the bugs. If you are posting a bug here, please use this form! All you need to do is copy and paste the information below into your post. Thanks!


A few things to note before posting your bug:

  • Make sure you post in the correct forum! If you're experiencing a bug with a released version, please post it in the Release Build Support forum. If you're using a beta version, please post in the Beta Build Support forum.

  • Already a thread covering you're exact bug? Simply post in that thread, and submit the relevant information (OS, build, etc). Creating multiple threads for the same bug/topic will clutter the forums and make it that much more difficult for someone to find it your post, and fix the bug.

  • Please be specific with your information inside your post. What build are you using; CUDA or No: 64bit or 32bit? What OS, what version of the OS? Is it a hardware issue or driver issue that you're having? And so on. It will go a long way to help pin point your issue and fix it.

  • Please be descriptive and as brief as possible with your thread title. Short, sweet and to the point is ideal here. Your thread title should include only your bug.

**This information is for your post, copy and paste this into your post and fill it out**




HARDWARE: (If applicable)




Here is a sample of what your post should look like:

Thread title:

Djinni tool causes instant crash


BUILD: v3.00.08K, 64bit CUDA

OS: Windows Vista 64bit, SP2

HARDWARE & DRIVER: (If applicable) N/A

BUG DESCRIPTION: When I'm using the Djinni tool, it doesn't grant my wish! All I am doing is activating the tool after sculpting with the scrape tool.

STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Sculpt using the scrape tool. Then activate the Djinni tool. This causes an instant crash.

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And remember to send copy of any bug reportĀ at



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