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IP Boards "how easy it to use "

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ive set up a new forum for 3D artist to share there work and post there demo reels , It will be only temp untill i have spoken with my coder , but im intrested in IP boards instead of vbulletin , "anybody have some insight or knowledge in the field " ie is it easy enough to set up and so on ?

my new forum http://www.hd3d.co.tv

all software apps section

post your demo reel "YOutube vids ."


OR " the good looking dude in the picture LOL , for some reason its stuck on that "

keep up the good work Andrew if you need a PR GURU for Scotland / Uk im happy to help .

ps buying 3dc in minus 10 days whoo

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Well I don't really have much experience with forums, but having access to "behind the scenes" on this forum I can say it seems fairly straight forward and not too difficult to manage. Though I have no idea how to set it up in the first place.

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i was thinking of buying a yearly pass $200 plus benifits or $10 a month , we have an ipboards for our game forum , but i dont do any code , i just pay for the hosting .. hmmm thinking ..............

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