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  1. Ouch! I was thinking of going Fermi soon, upgrading from my ancient, primitive, non-CUDA GTX 7600 GS. I have even already bought Octane, to get their pre-release half-price. Maybe it's prudent to wait until Nvidia ships updated, non-beta drivers. I already worry about whether going Fermi is smart, given its heat and noise, I don't need additional worries! Some vendors are starting to ship non-reference Fermis now, which have different and better cooling solutions, I might wait for a larger selection of those. Any thoughts, folks?
  2. Congratulations, Andrew -- with the new, great, huge apartment! And oh yes, with that other little thing, too, I guess. ;-)
  3. Javis, I'm taking one of the Ptex videos now -- much talk at the start, but now it's getting more visual! I do wish you'd learn to turn OFF the damn default gradient in the UI, and use a totally FLAT shade: (A) gradients take up more bandwidth and ( the video compression makes the existing gradient flicker and generally look crappy -- it just gives a poorer impression of 3DC than it would have been with a plain, flat viewport background.
  4. OK, Andrew, we now have nearly ten votes for this feature -- so we expect this update on our desks on Monday morning! :-) And yes, the ZB-way of masking is just brilliantly easy -- so just nab it!
  5. Sculptris is brilliant! Except . . . it produces nothing but triangles. If such adaptive tesselelation could be made to produce quads -- wow!
  6. Constrain front-side-top-bottom view with Shift, like in ZBrush! Yes. Exactly that. Please. Soon.
  7. I tried it briefly now, it's pretty darn slick! So, since we're not living in a full-Ptex world yet, and we therefore have to create those hateful UV-maps, this will work pretty well for most of our UV needs. Until Ptex is universally usable.
  8. Since inexpensive 3D computer monitors and goggles are now reality, and all modern graphics cards (at least nVidia's) can output 3D, vendors like Pilgway and Pixologic should waste no time in giving us real 3D modeling display on our screens! The second Andrew implements this in 3D-Coat, I'll rush out to buy a 3D monitor for sure.
  9. Oh really?!?!?!?!
  10. Whoah, sexy! I've not yet tried the beta build, so it was great seeing a demo of what this newfangled Ptex stuff means in practice -- thanks, Phil! I'm so glad I've never yet wasted a minute of my life on learning to making UV maps -- for it now looks like it would have been wasted time. :-) All praise to Andrew for implementing this at super speed -- and we should also be very grateful to Disney, for open-sourcing this game-changing new technology.
  11. I don't even have a CUDA card, so I can't yet test Octane. But I'm certainly watching this fascinating GPU rendering stuff closely, and will buy a CUDA card when the next nVidia generation comes out in March or so. I might even plunk down the modest fee for Octane, just to support it and try it out on some projects -- even though what I really want is for my beloved Maxwell Render to come out with a GPU version! No matter what happens, we 3D guys have good times ahead!
  12. Wow. Fabulous! Soon I can forget whatever (very little) I know about UVs! In the whole world, only Javis will miss UVs. :-)a
  13. OK, I promise to everybody I won't gripe about the rendering banding again until I have tested with a new and better GPU. :-)
  14. Phil, settle down -- no offense taken. :-) It's just that I'm no computer graphics amateur (though I am a newbie in 3D!) and therefore I am utterly fanatical about things like monitor calibration and graphics settings. So it's just super-unlikely that my graphics setup should have some hidden variable which makes all look great in all graphics apps -- except 3DC. There's clearly serious banding in 3DC's renderings, and they have been there since I first began using the app half a year ago. Of course, I have zero idea what causes this banding -- could it perhaps be some obscure DirectX problem in my slightly-ancient graphics card? Maybe. But it ain't baby-stuff like monitor settings.
  15. My good man, I have an Eizo hardware calibrated pro monitor and I spend 10 hours a day in Adobe's apps -- and if I'd had monitor issues which created banding, I'd KNOW about it, and fix it (I've been a digital graphics pro since 1990, so no rookie I :-). But all my gradients are super slick everywhere -- except in 3DC's render room.