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  1. Javis, I'm taking one of the Ptex videos now -- much talk at the start, but now it's getting more visual! I do wish you'd learn to turn OFF the damn default gradient in the UI, and use a totally FLAT shade: (A) gradients take up more bandwidth and ( the video compression makes the existing gradient flicker and generally look crappy -- it just gives a poorer impression of 3DC than it would have been with a plain, flat viewport background.
  2. Sculptris is brilliant! Except . . . it produces nothing but triangles. If such adaptive tesselelation could be made to produce quads -- wow!
  3. I tried it briefly now, it's pretty darn slick! So, since we're not living in a full-Ptex world yet, and we therefore have to create those hateful UV-maps, this will work pretty well for most of our UV needs. Until Ptex is universally usable.
  4. Since inexpensive 3D computer monitors and goggles are now reality, and all modern graphics cards (at least nVidia's) can output 3D, vendors like Pilgway and Pixologic should waste no time in giving us real 3D modeling display on our screens! The second Andrew implements this in 3D-Coat, I'll rush out to buy a 3D monitor for sure.
  5. Oh really?!?!?!?!
  6. I don't even have a CUDA card, so I can't yet test Octane. But I'm certainly watching this fascinating GPU rendering stuff closely, and will buy a CUDA card when the next nVidia generation comes out in March or so. I might even plunk down the modest fee for Octane, just to support it and try it out on some projects -- even though what I really want is for my beloved Maxwell Render to come out with a GPU version! No matter what happens, we 3D guys have good times ahead!
  7. I can't subscribe to that way of thinking at all: I want ALL my tools to be as good as possible in EVERY respect. That we now suddenly have fine Boolean operations in ZB is great news for all 3D artists -- even for those who don't use ZB at all, but prefer 3DC for all their modelling, as it will make the Andrew & Co. work hard at coming up with great new 3DC features, which I'm sure they'll manage to do. Competition benefits EVERYBODY -- and it's senseless to "pray" that Product X doesn't get some feature to work.
  8. I got my new copy of ZB 3.5 R3 (what a ridiculous versioning!) tonight, and have played a bit with it. For me, THE BIGGEST improvement are the easy, high-quality Boolean operations -- it's now, finally, possible to model a face and its hair separately, and then merge the two subtools into one, so I can smooth the hair flawlessly into the head. This has always been impossible before in ZB, so this is a huge step forward. I was also able to work with models with about 33 million polys, without undue slowdowns -- though it's still a 32-bit-only app, alas. So, there are some good news in ZB land!
  9. It looks great, keep going with more Frazetta stuff! For whatever it's worth to any other Frazetta fans here: I have met Frank Frazetta himself, four years ago. After having toured the wonderful FF museum in Stroudsville, PA, which holds about 80% of all his original paintings, I was invited by Frank's sweet wife Ellie into their home right next to the museum, and I spent an enchanted 1.5 hours talking to him, right in his living room/studio! He's an artist whose work I have revered for more than 30 years, ever since I had posters of his Conan and other fantasy paintings in my teenager's cave. Frank's a Great Guy, too, very charming and likable. It was an unforgettable experience -- talk about a Brush with Greatness!
  10. I really must support Andrew here against the vile nonsense sputtered by MatPainter! Andrew is in favor of competition, and isn't afraid of it -- including allowing frank discussions about competing products on his own forums. That is very commendable.
  11. I've downloaded and watched them all, Mr. Faust -- good stuff! Thanks for being so quick and no-nonsense!
  12. Tinker, thanks for showing us both your great work and your workflow! I have just bought C4D about week ago, so that 3DC/C4D combination was great to see. Thanks also to you guys who talked about the CUDA improvements. I have an aging 7600 GS, which has been fine for my Photoshop CS4 needs, but I don't play games at all so I've wondered if it made any sense for me to get a really fast GPU, and it now seems that will pay off in 3DC, as I've often felt voxel sculpting was sluggish.