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  1. Really nice model!
  2. Well done! I was really looking forward to seeing the finished model, i think you've done a great job - especially on the hair!
  3. Cool model! I like the fine blood vessels at the bottom of his neck, the way they fade and overlap looks very realistic. Only thing i might suggest is to dirty the hat up, it looks too shiny and new.
  4. Good idea for a thread! I won't hazard a guess yet - nice start though whoever it is I'm useless at human anatomy.
  5. That's a fair point, i guess it's just a question of prefered workflow. Personally i just like to work on the high res ala ZBrush, painting doesn't seem to have the same feel (maybe more a psychological thing).
  6. I think the high detail issue with 3DC is the only real annoyance i have currently. Merge times are not an issue for me since i only go high-res when i am 100% happy with the form/pose of an object, but i can see how it would irritate people that do use the pose tool etc.. at high res for whatever reason. The bigger problem seems to me that you need a far higher poly count in 3DC to achieve the same detail as ZB (i haven't tried MB). The marching cubes algorithm works wonderfully for smooth organic surfaces at medium-high detail levels, but no matter what i do i just can't get the fine details i can in ZBrush. The thing is even if 3DCoat was optimized heavily so you could sculpt a 20-30m model at the same speed that Zbrush allows, you still will have the detail problem. I know many people suggest that using surface mode helps, but i can't say that i'm having much luck. The problem with using pinch etc.. in surface mode is that you immediately loose the single biggest advantage that voxels have over polygons - surface uniformity, and you are still working with the same wacky polygon skin layout. I know that you can't compare the programs like for like, because they are different in their fundamental technology, but i'm yet to see anything made in 3DC achieve the same level of detail as ZB. That's not to say people aren't making great stuff with it, there are a lot of super talented people making some incredible work! it's just that last 5-10% that is missing in the surfaces, and it makes quite a big difference imo. When i asked Andrew about the possibility of a different rendering approach for the voxel room (maybe pure voxel rendering, or something else) he said he had no plans to do it soon. Maybe marching cubes really is the best method for rendering a voxel volume for sculpting, Andrew must have had a good reason for doing things this way, he's a hell of a lot smarter than me that's for sure! If that's the case then the reality might be that voxels require a super high density to compete at very high details with polyonal sculpting. Maybe we will just have to accept that you need 80m poly characters in 3DCoat and such. I'm really not sure what the solution would be, a different (more efficient) means of rendering the voxel volume that doesn't have as many extranious polygons as the current method, or a method that drops the polygonal skin altogether. We cerainly need an increase in efficiency somewhere, maybe Andrew can clear things up a bit. Sorry if i'm derailing your thread, i'm just thinking out loud.
  7. Excellent model!
  8. Incredible! I can't even begin to imagine how much work goes into making films like these - my hat's off to you! I really need to put aside some time to look for animated short films, there are so many great pieces of work out there. I think the last thing i watched was a modern stop motion take on Peter and the Wolf.
  9. Oh thanks for the tip about Silo, i just searched their forum and they are slightly vague about it. Apparently it's still going to be fully supported and they'll continue developement of some kind, but they are also working on other things alongside it - including a game engine ironically! I'll have to keep going with Blender for now i think, then look at my options again later, theres so many choices around it's really a nightmare trying to figure out what i need.
  10. That's amazing, last time i looked into free game engines they were all pretty sketchy, but that was years ago - things have surely moved along! Lightwave sounds great, i haven't tried it simply because i don't have enough money to buy it so it seemed rather pointless getting the trial. Right now i am just learning Blender and obviously 3D-Coat, but maybe if i progress ok with my modeling i'll have to look into a commercial solution. I'm thinking Silo might be worth a shot, since i don't need any rendering/animation features and it's priced well.
  11. Wow, i have never actually heard of Unity before. Am i reading the site correctly - a full Unity Pro license to make a commercial game is $1200? That seems incredibly cheap!
  12. Andrew said he will add voxel painting for sure - at least on a surface level, maybe even per-voxel painting! I am really looking forward to this. I agree completely about ZSphere, i don't like that technique at all. For me the muscle tool in 3D-Coat is far superior for 'bulking out' organic shapes. In fact i prefer every single element of 3D-Coat, the only thing lacking is the ultra-high detail. But i am sure this will evolve just like everything else! The voxel is king, just needs some time to mature. Good luck with your model, i look forward to seeing the final result
  13. Very nice model! You have the beginnings of the hair detailing working really well. I find that old style of sculpture totally fascinating (like you say abstract, but somehow realistic st the same time). The British Museum in London has some amazing old classical sculptures, you could literally spend weeks there looking around - but of course you probably have 100 times what they have in your own country! I agree about the surface detailing in 3D-Coat, this is the only problem i am having with it. I have been running the trial versions of both software for the last 20 days, and i have to say that even at my limited ability, ZBrush is far superior for very fine detailing. 3D-Coat is a lot more fun, and definately more compelling for sculpture, but the ultra-fine details are not there. Plus Zbrush has that fantastic surface noise tool, which is incredibly useful i think. I've tried experimenting with surface mode in 3D-Coat as the very last stage in a model, but even there i just can't get the detail i would like, and once you start pinching the surface around you have lost the advantage of using voxels anyway since your surface immediately gets looses it's uniformity. I get the feeling we will have to work at 40-60m+ poly on say a full figure to get the same level of detail that people are achieving with ZBrush at the moment. Working at 20m i can get very good overall detail, but the the very finest details are not there (talking about skin pores, fine wrinkles etc..). Hopefully the Voxel room in 3D-Coat will grow in efficiency, with added detail and the ability to paint directly to voxels it would be the ultimate solution i think.
  14. The most frustrating thing about the proposed models for using SVO/Point Cloud/whatever methods for real-time 3D is that ultimately all of it will be determined by what Sony/Microsoft decide to do with their next consoles. I think it's safe to say they they will definately be an order of magnitude faster than the Xbox 360/PS3, and hopefully very programmable (since ATI and Nvidia have both gone that route, maybe even Larrabee will be used), but i am worried that they will save costs on the consoles with limited HDD space which will make all these methods far more difficult (or impossible) to impliment. Even with heavy compression it looks like games made with volumetric data will be easily 10x plus the size of current releases, and you will probably need a very fast HDD (maybe SSD) to stream all that data. I know gaming is only one market, but if this stuff really does pan out then it will be a very exciting time. Since 3D-Coat is already quite far advanced in Voxel modeling i could easily see it becoming the #1 software to use in 2-3 years, at least for making world assets.
  15. Did you post about it on this forum? I ran several searches before i posted about ID Tech 6 a week or so ago, and i never came up with more than a handful of results for anything (ID Tech 6, Carmack, SVO etc...) and all of them were from 2008/2009. About raycasting into a sparse voxel octree, it will hopefully be feasible for real time rendering in games etc.. in a few years time, but you can't edit a SVO on the fly so it's useless for 3d-Coat unfortunately, it's a compression format for streaming pre-defined volume data. IE you would make your model in 3D-Coat, then convert the finished item to SVO format to use as a static object in your game engine. This Unlimited Detail thing looks interesting i have to admit, they need to make some better demo's though - they look terrible!