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  1. I agree. It would seem more logical to have the quadrangulate function in the retopo stage. But I can see Andrew's dilemma of not wanting to convolute the whole process and confuse newbies that just want to quickly quadrangulate their mesh. Perhaps add the Quadrangulate option to the Retopo menu. And in the quadrangulate options panel show a message telling the user that any frozen areas previously marked in Surface mode will receive more polygons. And that any strokes that have been drawn will be used to guide the quadrangulate process. This way a user can hit Cancel and go mark their strokes and dense areas or just hit 'Continue' to quadrangulate their mesh.
  2. Coming along nicely, Phil!
  3. I was just giving my opinion of your opinion of the other guys' opinion. It's all just opinions really. But you're right, it always risks turning into an "argument". So no more opinions from me... ..for now
  4. I'm sorry if an emoticon of somebody sticking their tongue out offended you. No wait... no I'm not!. I just don't think Andrew needs us telling him how to take care of his business.
  5. Are you gonna pay their wages?
  6. The quadrangulate function and menus have changed since that video was taken. But yes, the new quadrangulate function has replaced the old one and so you just select Quadrangulate from the voxel menu and follow the instructions. Andrew has added a wizard that instructs you what to do. Note: The steps in the wizard are optional and you're free to just skip them all.
  7. Try sending a bug report to Pixologic or Autodesk. Do you think you'll get a fix a week later? Seems some of us may be starting to take Andrew for granted. He owes us nothing. Every update is a gift..
  8. Totally! He's by far the fastest coder on the planet! ..and he deserves a medal for putting up with us lot! We love you, Andrew!!
  9. Along the bottom of the 'Retopo Groups' list panel there are several buttons. One of them lets you select all the polygons in the current group, and another button will copy the selected polygons to the currently selected group. So basically: Select Group 1 Hit the button 'Select all faces of this layer' Select Group 2 Hit the button 'Move selected faces to the current layer'
  10. I've just tested and I got the same results using symmetry.
  11. Quadrangulating a default voxel cube is producing very strange topology on two sides. But thankfully I can override it by using the nice strokes feature!
  12. Andrew, I think because you and Michalis aren't native english speakers there's a slight communication problem. I'm a native English speaker and I struggle to understand Michalis sometimes and so it must be even more difficult for you. Michalis, Perhaps you could get an English speaking friend to help translate your bug reports before sending them to Andrew?.
  13. Just read Daniel's writeup about Siggraph. Well done Don, Greg and Javis for taking such good care of them!!